Starlink Warranty – Everything You Need to Know?

About Starlink Warranty, While Starlink gadgets are high quality and durable, they may suffer a breakdown, just like any other electronic. 

For this reason, we get a lot of questions from existing and prospective Starlink users. Some of these questions are: Does Starlink have a warranty?

 If it does, what are the terms? How do I claim the Starlink warranty? In this article, I will answer these questions and other information about the Starlink warranty to aid in your decision.

Does Starlink Have a Warranty?

Yes. Starlink offers a limited warranty covering their kits’ material, artistry, and performance defects. 

While the company inspects its products thoroughly to ensure quality, you can easily get defective equipment.

 These cases arise because they sometimes resell used equipment from customers who have exercised the return policy agreement.

 For example, those who test the equipment and return it before the 30-day trial window closes. 

When this happens, the quality team may miss some issues on these kits, resulting in the defects you may experience. 

Considering this possibility, the company offers a 12 to 24-month limited warranty depending on your location, type of equipment, and seller. 

With that said, let’s summarize the kit type and warranty length in a table:

Kit typeWarrant duration when you buy from Starlink Shop or an authorized dealer.
High-performance kit in all countries24 months 
Standard kit and Starlink accessories that are sold separately in the UK and European Union24 months
Standard kits and other accessories that are sold separately in other countries12 months

Note that the warranty takes effect from the original purchase date. Additionally, the warranty operates alongside any local consumer law that protects you. 

This arrangement explains why the warranty is longer in the EU and UK compared to other countries.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

As the table above indicates, the Starlink warranty covers all products purchased from the Starlink shop or authorized retailers. 

These products include the Starlink satellite dish, router, ethernet cable, power supply, official mounts, internet service, and other Starlink accessories

However, the warrant has conditions, which means you cannot claim a replacement anytime you damage the above items. 

For example, one condition states that the damage has to appear when using the kit normally, and it does not result in your errors. 

I would therefore advise you to visit the Starlink website and read the terms and conditions of their warranty. 

You can contact Stalink customer care if you have any problems to see if you can claim a warranty.

 The good news is they are flexible and may consider a replacement or repair if your case is concrete enough. 

Since that is now clear, let’s list some scenarios you can contact customer care to claim your warranty:

  • WiFi router not connecting to your devices even after proper connection and troubleshooting
  • Cable and connectors getting damaged during normal usage
  • Dish not repositioning or self-heating normally
  • Accessories such as the router, dish, and WiFi extender can’t power on
  • When not getting the promised performance in terms of speed and latency
Starlink dish

Starlink dish

What Does the Warranty Not Cover?

According to the Starlink warranty terms on their website, the company does not repair or replace kits damaged from:

  • Not following the installation guidelines, such as obstructing the dish or covering it with a radome
  • Manual dish repositioning for the antenna that has a motor for automatic repositioning
  • Using the kit while in motion, for the kit not designed for such
  • Bad installation environment or improper installation
  • Kit used with third-party software or accessories not approved by Starlink
  • Issues with your power or internet devices
  • Connecting your kit to other parallel networks
  • Disassembly or repair of the kit by another person rather than the Starlink authorized technician
  • Any kit cosmetic changes or modifications, such as repainting
  • Acts of nature such as storms, earth quicks, fires, floods, and others
  • Spilling fluids on your equipment
  • A Starlink planned or emergency network repair or mentainance
  • Vandalism, misuse, alterations, abuse, accident, or neglect
  • Minor dents, defects, or marks, plus normal wear and tear or deteriorations that don’t affect performance
  • Failure to obtain or maintain permits, authorizations, and permissions
  • Other events reasonably out of Starlink’s control

However, do not fail to contact customer care as the first thing, even if these events occur. 

You may get a replacement, as I have heard of cases where some individuals get a warranty for issues beyond coverage terms.

Customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction 

How to Claim Warranty

Currently, the only way to claim your warrant is by contacting Starlink Customer Care. You can do this by using the app or their official website. 

However, note that you have to log in first using your credentials. For this reason, the warranty page can only be accessed by Starlink customers. 

After logging in, you will launch a support ticket by selecting your issue. From there, you’ll write an after-sales person a letter explaining the problem and send some photos of the damaged items. 

After submitting your claim, you will have to wait for a few days for customer care to respond with a way out.

 If your warrant claim goes through, the company will replace your item or send a technician to repair it. 

If it’s a replacement, you will have to send the damaged item back, or you will be charged for the replacement. 

Note that all warranty claims are processed within 30 days, so you must be patient. Additionally, Starlink covers the replaced items for the remainder of the original warranty. 

For example, if five months was the remaining duration of the warranty, then expect the new item to be covered for that time. 

However, if the original warranty has elapsed, then the replacement is covered by another three-month warranty.

Contacting customer care

Contacting customer care

Can You transfer the Starlink Warranty?

Yes, you can transfer the Starlink warranty. For those who don’t know, Starlink permits the buying and selling Starlink kits to a third-party user. 

In such circumstances, if the kit you are selling has a running warranty, then it will still be covered even if you sell it. 

However, you have to follow the Starlink kit transferring procedure. The new user must also follow the Starlink guidelines in installation and usage.


As you may know, all electronics and technological devices are prone to damage now and then. 

For this reason, it’s always advisable to buy such gadgets from reputable companies, such as Starlink, who are willing to stand by you. 

However, you should note that sometimes you may incur the shipping cost in case of repairs.