Starlink Update- All You Need To Know

Avout Starlink Update, After some testing and trials, Starlink has become the world’s most promising satellite internet provider.

Connections span across all continents, and the feedback has been positive. But what drives Starlink’s growth is mainly based on its ever-improving firmware. 

Starlink’s firmware changes every few times a year as the tech company fixes bugs and enhances the experience. These updates, however, happen automatically and are beyond the user’s control. 

It is best to understand how Starlink makes changes and how they are embedded in the latest firmware updates. 

Why Do Firmware Updates Matter in Starlink?

Firmware logo 

Firmware logo 

The firmware is a powerhouse in Starlink systems as it maintains stable communication and embedment with the hardware components. 

Firmware updates are crucial because they are changes made to the system to maintain efficiency and overall user experience. Some of the benefits of firmware updates include: 

  • Better internet speed 
  • Improved security 
  • Device compatibility 
  • Bug fixes 
  • New features 
  • Better performance

A few vulnerabilities have been identified and dealt with in the past years through firmware updates. While the updates solve an issue, sometimes they come with rough patches and errors.

But Starlink always comes in quick to fix the issue and update the bug. 

How To Check the Status Of The Firmware Version?

The most significant downgrade to Starlink is the customer support. You’ll rarely find a company that doesn’t have a specialist to help with queries or support an issue.

You may be worried as a Starlink user, especially if you want to know about your firmware version. 

But luckily, we can guide you to check the Starlink firmware version. 

Any information about Starlink’s firmware version is available on the Starlink App. The app is available on all mobile devices from both Android and iOS.

First, download the application and head over to settings. Once you’re in the settings, select Advanced, and you will find the Firmware version. 

Check the Firmware version page to see if it is the latest firmware version for Starlink. Unfortunately, you may know whether your version is the latest one because Starlink doesn’t announce whether updates are available.

So, you can refer to third-party forums like Quora to check for the latest updates and fixes.

Alternatively, you can check for the Uptime counter in the firmware details. Every time a firmware updates, it shows in the uptime counter. 

How To Update Starlink Firmware?

Update loading on the screen 

Update loading on the screen 

Sadly, you cannot update your Starlink firmware like other devices. The best you can do is check on Google which version is running on your device. But that’s just it. You can’t check for updates or do it manually. 

However, Starlink does have updates throughout the year, which occur in different paces. Sometimes, the updates may only apply to some users and may take several days to reflect on your device.

Customers have no control over what they can do to authorize the update remotely. 

Some clients have stated that restarting the device can make the device check and manually install any updates. 

How To Update The Starlink App? 

The Starlink app connects to your router and dish for robust connectivity and access to features such as checking network status, adjusting settings, running a speed test, and more. Updates are crucial as they fix any app-related issue. 

How To Update Starlink App on Android Devices 

  • Find the Starlink app on Google Play.
  • Click the app and wait for it to load. 
  • Check for an update box and click update. 

How To Update Starlink App on iOS Devices

  • Go to the App Store  
  • Find the Account Icon and navigate to “Available Updates”
  • Locate the Starlink app tab. 
  • Click the Update button to roll out the process. 


Hand on the power button of a router

Hand on the power button of a router

Now that you know firmware updates, why don’t you check if your Starlink app is up to date? An updated firmware gives you better internet speed, sorts out bugs, and adds any new feature the space tech company may add. 

While Starlink’s updates are automatic, you can check your Starlink firmware status on the app.