Starlink Says Online But No Internet — Troubleshooting Tips to Get Your Connection Back

About Starlink Says Online But No Internet; often, when your Starlink reads online but has no internet connection, you cannot utilize your online apps or browse the web. And we all know how frustrating it can be to have your work pending because of delayed or zero online networks. 

The issue may occur because of a congested network, router issues, or bad weather conditions, among other reasons.

 Thankfully, most factors are solvable and might need a step as simple as letting the bad weather pass. However, others may require getting new equipment for replacement or contacting Starlink customer service. 

So, your Starlink says online but no internet? Let’s explore all the troubleshooting options. 

Reasons for Starlink Connected but No Internet 

From experience and research, we’ve found several reasons that usually hinder internet connection despite Starlink being online. 

Some of them include:

Software problems 

Generally, the Starlink antenna updates itself automatically. However, it may reboot improperly, thus retaining its old software version. As we all know, old versions often harbor viruses and bugs, which disadvantage the Starlink system. 

Software problems

(Software problems)

Occasionally, the problem can extend to or stem from your hardware instead of the software. For instance, you’ll receive weak or no network signals if you have a worn-out or damaged cable. Therefore, it is crucial to check your hardware components for any damages constantly.

IP address issue

When you purchase Starlink, you will receive an IP address. But note that the users within your area will also employ the address.

Therefore, should the IP address have an issue, you, alongside other subscribers within the region, will experience a disrupted connection. It gets worse if they have ethernet ports/adapters. 

Broken or loose connection

Hardware problems can contribute to zero internet connection, as discussed above. In addition to the damaged hardware, most users usually loosely connect the Starlink to the router.

Or, they may fail to check for a disconnect between the power plug and the PoE cable. 

Broken cable

(Broken cable)

Service outage 

Starlink connectivity may have temporary disruptions, commonly known as a service outage, under many circumstances. Some include a faulty modem or router, poor weather status like snow or rain, incorrect dish setup, or hardware and software problems.

Having a backup internet connection can come in handy in such situations. 


Lastly, you may have no internet signal when the Starlink dish has objects like power lines, buildings, and trees causing obstructions. As such, the company usually advises keeping the antenna in a clear view of the sky. 

How to Fix Starlink Connected Without Internet 

Now, let’s hop onto the solution bandwagon and see how to work around the no-internet problem. 

Inspecting the connectors and cables

Generally, Starlink receives internet signals from the satellites and proceeds to the modem via your antenna and home satellite dish.

Sometimes, you’ll also have a power outlet and a router. Any damage to these components will disrupt the transmission of internet signals, and it may take time to pinpoint the exact cause. It could further put you at risk. 

A damaged power cable can cause a short circuit

(A damaged power cable can cause a short circuit)

Therefore, constantly checking the cables, connectors, and router should ease your worries. If there are loose connectors, reset the whole arrangement. If they are faulty beyond repair, you can consider a replacement. 

Furthermore, if your dish socket on the power outlet has unaligned or impaired pins/wires, call a professional to handle it. It’s safer that way. 

Synced up devices

A well-synced-up satellite dish and router often mean optimal internet connection and high speeds. As such, any poor establishment will lead to configuration problems. Consequently, signals do not reach your devices.

If you suspect the issue is in the synchronization process, contact Starlink customer care. They will get you a technician to check out the problem. Once successfully done, wait for about 30 minutes for a signal re-establishment. 

Only use Starlink Equipment.

Using Starlink equipment guarantees excellent performance. When an individual makes a purchase, they will receive a kit that comprises cables, a router, a receiver, and a satellite dish.

 In any of the equipment malfunctions, don’t replace them with other components from a different manufacturer. 

A male technician fixing a satellite dish

(A male technician fixing a satellite dish)

Instead, contact Starlink and mention the specific broken part. In return, they’ll send a new one your way. 

Additionally, you can request their technician to help install the faulty component. While at it, they can also check the entire connection to ensure the connectors and cables are in good condition. 

Have you properly positioned your router or dish?

Starlink customer services often receive calls from users complaining about poor internet connection despite following all the installation guidelines. 

While everything could appear in place, customers might not place their routers in areas with minimal to zero signal obstacles. 

Wi-Fi router

(Wi-Fi router)

Thus, the best solution here is to remove the obstructions. If you aren’t sure of the materials or devices blocking the signal transmission, search through the internet and get the list. Meanwhile, you can place the router in the middle of the house. 

In other cases, the issue could be an inadequately placed Starlink dish. You may have done the placement manually, or the added satellites may change the constellation in your area.

 Here, you can use the Starlink app on your device to locate a better spot for repositioning. 

Launching of Starlink satellite into the LEO

(Launching of Starlink satellite into the LEO)

Factory reset your router. 

Before you consider factory resetting, ensure your firmware has the latest version. Since it’s an automated action, manually confirm in the ‘Dish firmware version’ section to verify.

If you’re still encountering difficulties, proceed to a factory reset. 

The process will clear your cache from overloaded temporary files and troubleshoot the system for compatibility errors and minor configurations. 

Contact customer services 

Lastly, if all the above methods don’t work, call Starlink customer care for help. The company has highly skillful people who know their way around Starlink technology.

 They should be able to provide a solution, even though sometimes they may suggest getting a new kit. 

Contacting the customer service team

(Contacting the customer service team)


In summary, several factors often contribute to having no internet connection despite your Starlink system being online.

 Some factors include bad weather, improperly placing your Starlink hardware equipment, or damaged components like cables. 

Luckily, each factor is solvable, as seen in our article today.