Starlink Return Policy – A Detailed Returning Guide

About Starlink Return Policy, With an immediate plan to launch 12000 satellites and ultimately 42000, Starlink aims to provide internet in all parts of the globe. 

However, since the company has not fully realized this dream, its service can be slow in some regions. 

Therefore, when you order Starlink and are unsatisfied with its internet performance, the best thing is to return it.

 In this guide, I will talk about the Starlink return policy to help you return your hardware and get a refund.

What is Starlink’s Return Policy?

The Starlink return policy is an arrangement that allows you to take your hardware back to the company if you are not satisfied with the network. 

Starlink issues a full refund if you return your equipment within 30 days of purchase and if it’s undamaged. 

The company can also issue a partial refund if you return your equipment within 12 months of the service. 

However, this happens if the company has implemented substantial alterations to its services, making you unable to continue. 

These changes include increasing its fees by 50% or reducing its performance, such as speed and latency, by the same percentage. 

In such a case, you will receive a partial refund on the equipment fee calculated based on a 12-month straight-line depreciation. 

For example, if you have used your equipment for 6 months, you will get a 50% hardware price refund. 

The policy also applies to Starlink accessories and your waitlist deposit.

Starlink hardware

Starlink hardware

Do Users Incur Other Costs During the Return Policy?

Yes, customers may incur one or more of the additional costs below based on some factors, as we will see:

First Month Subscription Fee

The monthly fee that Starlink charges, depending on your plan, starts billing 14 days after you receive your hardware. Therefore, if you initiate Starlink service termination after 14 days, you will incur the first monthly fee.

To avoid this, I recommend testing the service performance thoroughly, and if it doesn’t suit you, cancel before this window elapses.

Starlink Kit Damage

All customers must take care of their equipment since damages will be deducted from your deposit. Starlink may not issue you any refund if your hardware is ruined beyond repair.

Since the equipment gets damaged mostly when in transit, I recommend proper packaging in the original box.

Using a mouse

Using a mouse

Handling and Shipping Costs

According to Starlink, as the customer, you must take care of all fees accruing to shipping and other handling costs. 

Such costs occur when ordering or returning the equipment and may range from $35-$65, depending on location and shipping company.

Process for Returning Starlink Hardware and Canceling Service

Unlike most ISPs, Starlink’s service does not require any contract; hence, its cancellation is straightforward without any fines. Let’s discuss the main ways you can cancel your Starlink service depending on how you made your payments:

Cancelling via the iOS and Android App

  • If you are using an Android phone, launch the Starlink app
  • On the menu, select payments and subscriptions
  • Scroll to find the Starlink subscription
  • Then tap on cancel subscription and await the confirmation email
  • For those who are using iOS, the process is almost similar where you go to settings from the menu.
  • Once here, click profile, then subscriptions
  • Tap on AppleID, select sign in, locate Starlink subscription, and cancel.
Using Starlink on a phone

Using Starlink on a phone

Cancelling from the website

  • Use your PC browser to visit the Starlink official website
  • Now, sign in using your credentials and go to Your Starlink section.
  • Select the subscription you intend to terminate, go to Manage, then click Cancel Service.
  • Now select the reason for canceling and proceed
  • In the next step, tick the ‘I would like to return my hardware’ box and select Continue to initiate termination.

Cancel via PayPal

  • If you pay your subscription via PayPal, log into your PayPal account.
  • Navigate to settings, then payments.
  • Go to Manage Automatic Payments and select Starlink
  • Finally, click Cancel Automatic Payments to terminate.

On all the above occasions, you will receive a confirmation email with a return label.

Returning Starlink Equipment

As we mentioned, your refund depends on returning the kit in good condition. Hence, you should use the following steps to package it properly to ensure safety while in transit:

Step 1: Stowing Starlink Equipment

  • Launch the Starlink app on your smartphone
  • Tap the settings and then the Starlink Actions tab
  • Once here, click Stow to retract the dish leg automatically

If you encounter any problems, you can still stow manually using the method below:

  • First, power your Starlink setup
  • Then remove the dish’s metallic base
  • Now put the dish on a flat ground, ensuring its leg is facing upwards
  • Award it some minutes and wait for the mast to go into the stow position automatically
  • Now unplug the setup from the AC socket

Step 2: Packaging and Return the Hardware

  • Once you turn off the  AC, pack the equipment in the original box.
  • Using packing tape, seal every corner of the packaging box
  • Now, on the side of the package, stick the return label you received in the email
  • Now take the package to your preferred carrier for shipment

When Will You Get Your Full Refund?

If your kit is undamaged, you will get your full refund within 10 days once Starlink receives your returned package.

 However, the company deducts the initial shipment fee and funds via the original payment method.

Refund policy

Refund policy

Can You Cancel Starlink and Then Restart

Yes, you can cancel and restart Starlink again when you want. However, canceling makes you lose your spot on the network, meaning you must reorder like a new subscriber. 

The bad thing about this is that it may take time to ship, and you will be put on the waitlist if your area capacity is full. 

Therefore, I do not recommend canceling if you ever want to use Starlink again. Instead, you can order the roaming service, which you can pause and restart anytime.

Is It Possible to Sell Starlink Equipment Once the Return Period Has Passed?

Yes, it is possible to sell your Starlink even if the return window has elapsed. You become the legal owner of the kit, and according to Starlink, you can do whatever you want with your equipment.

However, Starlik dish selling or transferring is subject to the following criteria:

  • Your Starlink account must have good standing with no balance
  • The prospective buyer must be in the same address as you or at least an address with Starlink coverage
  • Starlink must approve the sale or transfer of your equipment.


While Starlink is expensive, the good thing is that you can return it and be refunded fully if 30 days have not elapsed. 

However, take care of your kit to avoid damage if you are to get a full refund. 

Additionally, note that the company also offers a 12-month warranty to replace your equipment in case of malfunctioning.