Starlink Power Supply Replacement – A Comprehensive Replacement Process

Starlink Power Supply Replacement: When you order the Stalink high-performance or Flat high-performance kit, you also get a power supply in the box. 

This device powers the router, which powers the Starlink dish via the provided Starlink cable. 

If the power supply malfunctions, your setup may not have enough power, affecting your network and general internet performance. 

Luckily, I will quickly walk you through the Starlink power supply replacement process to get another gadget.

Symptoms of Power Supply Damage

Like any electronic device, the power supply keeps all the Starlink components running smoothly. 

But when this device is malfunctioning, you may be affected, and the symptoms include:

  • Your router is not lighting even when powered on via the AC socket. However, ensure there are no issues with your powerlines and sockets first.
  • You set up powering off/on without interference or general power disruption even when your lights are okay.
  • Too many consecutive internet disruptions and slowdowns even after troubleshooting your Starlink.
  • LED light indicators on the terminal cease functioning or start blinking in a pattern.
  • The power supply gets hotter than normal, which can also shut it down eventually. Additionally, it may start to smell like burning plastic and smoke. Here, it is necessary to disconnect and replace it lest you damage other Starlink components.
  • Lastly, you may see cracks, deep dents, and other visible damage on the device or cable that can affect your unit’s performance.
A router with an AC power supply

A router with an AC power supply

Things to Consider When Buying a New Power Supply

As you may already know, not all power suppliers will fit your Starlink equipment, especially given that the same device powers the dish. 

Therefore, when considering the best unit to buy, check your Starlink power specifications first. 

For example, ensure the amperage, voltage, and connector are compatible.

 Once you get this information, you can buy your adapter at stores such as Amazon or local ones. 

However, I recommend shopping on the Starlink website since their power supply is originally engineered for your equipment.

 You just need to have an account on their portal and order your item via the Starlink app

While buying a third-party power supply may be cheap, it may not be durable or compatible.

A router power port

A router power port

How to Replace Starlink Power Supply

Before we proceed, note that you can only use this method with the circular dish. 

 The rectangular one gets its power from the router. You just connect your new power supply to the router and power it.

Power disconnection

As a rule of thumb, always disconnect electronics from the power sources to avoid fatal electrocution. 

Therefore, locate the dish power socket, power it off, and unplug it completely. 

Unplugging a cable from the power supply

Unplugging a cable from the power supply

Remove the old Power supply

In this section, you will need an appropriate screwdriver. Then, use it to remove the damaged power supply. Be careful not to destroy other components, and ensure you muster how it sits on its position.

Put the New Power Supply and Connect the Cables

Here, insert the new device correctly where the old one was. Then install it using the provided screws and fasten them. 

After that, connect all the cables to their appropriate position, and you are done.

Test the Connection

Once you are sure every cable is in its position, check the indicator light to see if it’s steady. If it’s okay, your connection is fine. 

All you need to do is wait for a reboot and then try to connect to your network.

Testing internet connection

Testing internet connection


With the above straightforward steps, you can hook your power supply to your circular dish and continue enjoying your internet. 

Remember, for the rectangular dish, you just need to plug the new power supply into the socket and then to the router. 

If you encounter difficulties or are unsure if the power supply is the problem, you can contact Starlink customer care for assistance.