Starlink Pipe Adapter –  Why Do You Need It?

About Starlink Pipe Adapter: Typically, the Starlink dish needs proper elevation to enable signal reception from the satellites in space. 

However, the included mount may not provide the required elevation, hence the need for other mounts like the J-mount. 

Unfortunately, these mounts cannot fit directly to the Starlink dish pole, which calls for a pipe adapter. 

This article will discuss the Starlink pipe adapter to help you mount your dish effectively in any mount.

What are the Benefits of Using the Starlink Pipe Adapter?

As I hinted above, the main benefit of the Starlink pipe adapter is to facilitate Starlink dish installation in any mount. 

It’s made of aluminum to ensure corrosion resistivity for reliability and extended usage.

 The adapter ensures a comfortable and firm mount fits on your antennae for a secure, hassle-free installation. 

In addition, the pipe adapter facilitates the dish elevation while giving your Starlink ethernet cable a convenient passage. 

J-mount with a dish

J-mount with a dish

Types of Starlink Pipe Adapter

You may need a certain type of adapter for your installation requirements. This way, you do not have to change the Starlink dish pole. Now, here are the types of pipe adapters that exist:

  • 1 ⅝ inches version 2 used for the square dish: It’s for Starlink poles with the mentioned inches. You just need to slide it easily into the Starlink mast and then secure it with the bolts.
  • 1 ⅝ OD quick adapter V2: It is powder coated and easily fits on the square Starlink dish pole.
  • 2 ⅔ OD adapter suitable for Starlink dish with 2 ⅔ inches mast
  • 1.66 OD V1 adapter ideal for the version one dish, which has about 1 ⅝ inches mast pole

What Mounts Is Pipe Adapter Suitable For?

Some of the most common mounts you can use with the Starlink Pipe Adapter include:

Pole mount

The pole mount is a long post you can cement on the ground or attach to a structure. You then attach the dish at the top end so long as it’s in a place with a clear sky view.


The accessory features a J-shape on one end and is used to mount CCTV cameras and satellite dishes on the roof. 

When installing Starlink with a J mount, it may require some modification, and that’s why the pipe adapter is necessary.

Tripod Mount

You use a tripod mount to install your Starlink dish on flat services such as roofs. It features three legs and a protrusion where you insert the dish.

 What most people love about it is its versatility and installation simplicity.

Chimney Mount

A chimney mount is ideal when you require more elevation than the roof can offer. It features straps and brackets necessary to install the dish on your roof chimney. 

Base Mount

The base mount is custom-made with four legs and a center hole to facilitate dish mounting on a flat surface and the ground. 

Here, the pipe adapter is used to modify the base mount, for instance, when adding a long pole to enhance elevation.

Starlink Pipe Adapter Installation Instructions

Items included in the kit

When the pipe adapter ships, it comes with all the necessary installation tools, which include:

  • Pipe adapter
  • Cable clamps
  • Screw sets (6 long and 6 short)
  • Allen wrench
  • Starlink Carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
Allen wrench

Allen wrench

Installation steps

Now that you have all you need, let’s see how you can install the pipe adapter in simple steps:

Select and Insert screws

As we have seen, the kit comes with two sets of screws for different installation requirements. I recommend the set that suits your pole diameter. 

For example, if your pole is thick, more than 2 inches, use the small and long screws if thinner than this. Then, insert them into the six holes on the pipe adapter. 

Installing the adapter on the pole

Now, place the adapter appropriately on the pole of your mount. Once it is upright and installed correctly, secure using the bolts. 

Test it by twisting it and tightening the bolts until it is snug.

Mount the dish 

In this step, carry your Starlink dish and cable using the provided bag to the installation location.

 Then, insert your ethernet cable into the dish connector properly until you hear a click. 

You may need to route it inside the pipe or just outside, depending on the amount you are using. 

Once done, install the dish on the pipe adapter. Note that you may have to spin a little until you find where it slides into the adapter.

Routing the cable

This final step involves routing the cable through the wall or attic and into the house.

 You will need cable clamps or clips to install the cable on its wall route to where the router is.

Starlink dish installation

Starlink dish installation


Starlink pipe adapter is a remarkable asset that makes Starlink installation seamless.

 Ensure you install your setup using the provided manual for the best reception. In case of mounting difficulties, hiring a professional installer can’t hurt.