Starlink Obstruction Every 2 Minutes – How to Fix In Simple Steps

Is your internet showing Starlink obstruction every 2 minutes on the app, thus affecting your internet performance? 

This issue could result from obstructions such as trees and buildings blocking your dish field of view. 

As you may already know from the instruction manual, a Stalink dish requires at least a 100-degree clear sky view. 

Therefore, any less than this FOV from any direction can hinder satellite communication in space, hence the timed obstruction notification. 

Fortunately, I have researched and gathered a step-by-step solution to help you get online quickly.

Step 1: Identify the Obstruction

Before going further, you should know how the Starlink dish works. Following the satellites above, the dish has a motor and advanced mechanisms that help it tilt automatically. 

Now, if your dish gets a clear sky view obstruction from a certain direction, the app displays that as a timed obstruction. 

Therefore, your first step should be identifying this obstruction and the direction it is coming from. 

Note that it can be a building very near or a hill far away from your dish. Other obstructions include balconies, roof chimneys, vegetation shadows, and poles. 

If you can’t determine what is causing the obstruction, the dish installation mechanism can also be the problem

 Let’s continue the discussion, and I will tell you how to solve the installation issue later in this article. 

Starlink dish

Starlink dish

Step 2: Relocate Your Dish

Once you have found the source of the obstruction, the next step would be to clear it if applicable.

 However, most obstructions may be beyond your control, so I recommend relocating the dish instead. 

Remember that the new place should be free from obstruction to give your dish a clear field of view. 

As we said earlier, you should aim for a 100-degree clear sky view for the dish. Fortunately, the app can help you locate the best position to mount your dish. 

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Download the Starlink app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, depending on your smartphone type.
  • Launch the app and log into your account
  • Once you are on the main menu, go to the Obstruction section
  • Now tap Check for Obstructions at the bottom of the screen
  • Doing so activates your phone camera, which you can use to scan the area you intend to install the dish.
  • After scanning to your satisfaction, click the view results tile to read the obstruction nature of your new installation positions.

Reading app results

When reading the results, note that zero is ideal for giving you excellent internet with an unobstructed sky view. 

If the results are below 5%, you can expect occasional minimal internet outrages. When obstruction is between 5% to 10%, the outages can be significant, hindering your internet activities occasionally. 

However, if the results say +10%, expect to be distracted considerably, having no internet connection more than 10% of your time. 

Therefore, you can use the blue swatches on the Starlink app to identify the best place to mount your dish.

Step 3: Utilize Stalink Dish Mounting Accessories

After you have identified the correct place with no obstructions, I recommend elevating your dish to keep it safe.

Unfortunately, the provided stand cannot exceed the required elevation, so buying a Stalink dish mounting accessories is the way to go. 

Some mounting accessories you should consider:

  • Pole mount: It features a pole to insert the dish mast, elevating it from the ground or roof.
  • Roof mounting accessories: This mount is ideal for residential plans and is useful for installing your dish on the roof.  It offers a permanent mount that secures your dish while giving it elevation. If you are to use it on your RV plan, always ensure you park your camper in an unobstructed place when using your internet.
  • Starlink J- Mount: The mount looks like the J letter and is used for mounting the dish on poles, balconies, walls, and slanting roofs.
Satellite dish mounting

Satellite dish mounting

Step 4: Secure Your Dish

Do you remember I told you the installation mechanism of your dish can also cause the Starlink obstruction every 2 minutes error? 

Here is the explanation: When the dish is not secure, it can be affected by strong winds, which make it wiggle or vibrate. 

These sudden changes can tilt your dish to an unfavorable angle, thus causing obstruction. 

Therefore, if you use a residential plan, ensure your dish is securely mounted to ensure no wind from strong winds. 

For those using the RV  plan, ensure you are not driving when browsing to minimize vibrations.

Step 5: Restart Your Setup

Once you have tried all the above steps and none works, it may be a bug or an error with your system. 

For this reason, you need to restart your Starlink to clear the bug and refresh your network. You can disconnect the ethernet cable on the dish and router end to do this. 

Then reconnect it and wait for the dish to reposition and search. Alternatively, you can power cycle your setup. 

This technique involves disconnecting the router from the power, leaving it idle for a minute, and then reconnecting it.

Starting the router

Starting the router


The above simple steps should help you clear the Starlink app error and get online ASAP. In case the troubleshooting steps do not work, it would be advisable to contact Starlink customer care for a way out.