Starlink Motor Stuck –  Causes and Suggested Solution

About Starlink Motor Stuck: As you may already know, Starlink is a satellite internet that relies on LEO satellites to send and receive browsing requests. 

Interestingly, these satellites are always in motion, which requires the dish to reposition to track and retain communication. 

Starlink developed a dish that uses a motor to tilt automatically depending on the satellite position to facilitate this repositioning. 

However, sometimes the Starlink app shows that this motor is stuck, which hinders the dish repositioning thus affecting your network performance. 

Today, we will look at what causes Starlink motor stuck errors on your app and possible solutions.

What Causes the Starlink Motor Stuck?

Whatever the time you saw the error, the following factors may have contributed:


Of all the causes, the most common is obstructions that prevent the dish from having a clear sky view. 

You may recall that Starlink recommends a clear sky view of at least a 100-degree dish. 

Therefore, obstructions like hills, trees, and buildings may prevent satellite antenna signal reception. 

Additionally, twigs, leaves, or ice may form on the dish’s surface, blocking its field of view and preventing satellite communication.

Obstructed Starlink dish

Obstructed Starlink dish

Improper Installation

If you have read the installation recommendation, you will notice that Starlink requires you to follow certain protocols. 

For instance, your dish should move freely without walls or roofs blocking it. Therefore, if you have installed your dish in a way that something blocks it from tilting or rotating, the motor disables. 

In the same breath, if you install your dish facing the wrong direction, it won’t detect the satellites, hence the error. 

Additionally, the issue arises if your dish mast installation is beyond 5 degrees to the vertical.

Dish Tilted or Tipped Over

Suppose you didn’t secure your dish properly on the roof. It, therefore, means if strong winds come, they may topple or tilt your dish. 

It can also happen when animals run on your dish installed on the ground. Any non-vertical dish position prevents the antenna from self-tilting and establishing satellite communication.

Not enough Satellites

Since Starlink satellites are constantly moving, more satellites in a certain location are needed to maintain communication. 

This scenario is mostly experienced in places where Starlink is starting its service venture, meaning the satellites are not enough yet.

Satellite in space

Satellite in space

Hardware Problems

Like any other electronic device, the dish can run into hardware problems too which will bring this error. 

For example, the motor strained a lot and got burned. Sometimes, some inner components of the dish may also not work as expected. 

Hence, the motor stuck error. Additionally, you may have turned off the Starlink heating mechanism and the inner components froze due to coldness in your area.

How to Fix Starlink Motor Stuck Error

Now that we know what could be the problem, let’s discuss some quick fixes to help you get rid of the error:

Check if the Dish is Verticle

Remember, we established that if the dish is tipped over or it’s not facing the sky, there will not be satellite communication. 

For this reason, the first step is to check if your dish is vertical. If it was tipped by animals or wind, pick it up, access the damage, and reinstall it securely. 

I recommend roof installation and use Starlink-approved mounting accessories for a firm installation.

Get Rid of Obstructions

If the dish installation is in the correct position, inspecting its field of view is next. You can use the Starlink app to help you identify if the dish’s surface is obstructed. 

To do this, you just need to launch your app, go to the Obstruction section, and click Check for obstructions

Then, scan your dish field of view using your phone camera and check the results when done. If the result graph displays 5% or less, then the issue is not obstruction. 

However, if it indicates above 11%, you must install the dish in a better location or clear the obstacles.

Eliminate Dish Movement Blockers

As we said earlier, the dish needs to move about the satellite movement. Therefore, if obstructions are not the issue, you should check if the dish can rotate or tilt freely. 

Mount Your Dish Properly

You need to know how to install the Starlink dish properly to optimize the internet offerings from Starlink. 

For starters, ensure it faces the right direction and is free to rotate according to the manual. 

Also, fix the dish securely to ensure no wind or animal interference. You should also check if it’s properly elevated to minimize obstructions. 

Lastly, ensure it is not too high in the sky to minimize wind pressure that may prevent the motor from working.

Installing Starlink dish

Installing Starlink dish

Reboot Your Setup

If all the above methods don’t yield results, the remaining option is to reboot your system. 

The technique wipes cache, restarts firmware, and clears bugs and errors, thus optimizing your device’s performance. 

You can reboot your setup several ways to help clear the Starlink motor stuck error.

 For starters, you can launch the app, going to Settings, and then Advanced

Once here, click Reboot Starlink and wait a few minutes for the command to complete.

Additionally, you can power cycle your device, which involves unplugging it from the power. 

Then, let it stay idle for a few minutes before replugging it and checking for the error.

Router reboot

Router reboot

Disable the Motor

Finally, you can also choose to turn off the motor, although this is a method I wouldn’t recommend. 

Turning off the motor allows you to point your dish manually in the direction you want. You will need to disconnect the dish from the power source to do this. 

Then, carry it to a working bench and lay it upside down. From here, you need to locate the access hole and cut it using a spade bit. 

Once you see the motor, use tweezers to detach its connector and leave it that way. Lastly, use rubber grommets and waterproof sealant to seal the hole, and you are done.


Now you know what causes Starlink motor stuck error and how you can solve it comprehensively. 

Remember to take preventive measures such as installing the dish properly and in the right place, away from obstructions. 

If any of my discussed techniques don’t work, it could be a hardware problem like we discussed. In this instance, you will need to contact customer care for advice.