Starlink Mexico Internet: Is Starlink Internet available in Mexico?

If you want to learn about Starlink Mexico internet, you’re in the right place. Mexico is renowned for its extensive rural area without internet access. 

So, having Starlink would be a game-changer in such areas thanks to satellite internet’s vast reach. 

But does the country have good Starlink coverage like the US? What are the benefits of Starlink  Mexico? 

Is Starlink Mexico better than other internet services? Stay with us for elaborate answers to all these queries and more details on Starlink Mexico. 

Is Starlink Available in Mexico?

Starlink has been in Mexico since June 2021, when the country’s federal government licensed it to operate. 

Before its presence in Mexico, the primary internet provider was Telmex. But Telmex’s services were limited. 

The entry of Starlink Mexico was a giant stride, especially in guaranteeing internet access to rural areas. 

Today, Starlink, in partnership with the Mexican Government, is part of a program dubbed Internet Para Todos (Internet for All). 

The scheme aims to provide internet access to all Mexicans, even those in rural areas. You can find Starlink in areas such as the following: 

  • Yucatan
  • La Barra
  • La Mina
  • Huatulco area
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Chicxulub

In total, Starlink is available in approximately 3,000 Mexican locations. The total number of subscribers in the country is also vast, spilling over 1 million. 

Therefore, we should expect more subscribers in the coming years once the Internet Para Todos scheme becomes sound. 

Starlink Mexico Network Performance

Installing a Starlink Dish. 

Installing a Starlink Dish. 

Starlink is amongst the best internet companies in Mexico. Below are its performance stats. 


A WiFi router showing the internet speed concept. 

A WiFi router showing the internet speed concept. 

Starlink Mexico records speeds of between 25 and 220 Mbps for download, even though Starlink claims it can reach up to 1Gbps. 

Nonetheless, this is unsubstantiated; thus, you cannot expect such speeds. 

Starlink reports upload speeds between 5 and 20 Mbps. 

So, what determines the average Starlink Speed you receive? There are several factors to it, including: 

  • The number of users in a particular location,
  • Proximity of a subscriber to the ground station,
  • The level of Starlink’s overhead clearance. 

Hence, considering the above factors, achieving the top speeds we highlighted earlier is virtually impossible. Mexicans have average upload and download speeds of 2 to 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps, respectively. 


Video Conferencing. 

Video Conferencing. 

Starlink claims to have a latency ranging between 20 to 40 ms. But again, this is better than the recorded latency, which averages around 97ms. 

The latency is not optimal for conferencing and gaming. However, it’s arguably among the best, especially considering the other ISPs in the country. 

Cost of Starlink Service in Mexico

Stalink Mexico is cheap. 

Stalink Mexico is cheap. 

Starlink Mexico is available at a subsidized rate than the average price of Starlink in the US.

 Starlink residential customers in Mexico pay 8300 pesos ($415) for the hardware. It is much lower than the Starlink residential kit in the US, which costs $599. 

Starlink Mexico monthly charges are subsidized at 1100 pesos ($55). Moreover, it’s now free to ship Starlink kits to Mexico. 

Before, it cost 1420 pesos ($70) when Starlink entered the country. 

These lower costs aim to enable more Mexicans to access the internet. 

Starlink Mexico Internet Benefits

A Mexican Teacher Accessing the Internet with a Student. 

A Mexican Teacher Accessing the Internet with a Student. 

What are the main benefits of Starlink to Mexicans? Here are some of them. 

  • The Internet service will significantly improve the country’s internet connectivity. As it expands, even Mexicans in underserved areas will access the internet. 
  • Also, Starlink’s partnership with the Mexican government means its services are subsidized, which is a massive win for Mexicans. Thus, the expansion of Starlink Mexico will prompt the other ISPs to lower their service costs. Overall, this will enable Mexicans to access the internet cheaply. 
  • It’s also a significant boost to the Mexican economy. An extensive internet connection makes it easier to do business, even for rural dwellers. 

How to Get Starlink Service in Mexico?

A young Hispanic girl using the internet. 

A young Hispanic girl using the internet. 

Starlink is easy to subscribe to for Mexicans as everything is available on their website. Simply check out their website and undertake the following steps: 

  • Enter your location,
  • Confirm Order, 
  • Provide Contact Information,
  • Pay and Start accessing the internet. 

Remember that access to Starlink depends on whether the service is available in your area. So always confirm its availability or whether your zone is on the waitlist. 


Starlink Mexico has been super impactful, especially in ensuring Mexicans in rural areas can access cheap, reliable internet. 

It is also available at subsidized rates than the average Starlink prices in other world parts such as the US. 

As the rollout to new areas in the county gains traction, Starlink will increasingly become better and improve Mexicans’ lives.