Starlink Disable Motor – Four Easy Steps To Follow in 2023

About Starlink Disable Motor: Sometimes, when enjoying your internet services, you may be bombarded with a “Starlink motor stuck” notification on your applications. Often, it happens due to problems encountered during installation. 

Fortunately, getting past the issue is possible. For one, you can reboot your Starlink router or stow your Starlink. 

Alternatively, you can go the DIY route and turn off the antenna motor.

For the last procedure, you’ll only require a few tools. Then please read on for the detailed steps on ‘Starlink disable motor’.

Tools Required for Starlink to Disable Motors

The tools you will need include a sealant, rubber grommet, pair of tweezers, ⅞ drill bit/hole-saw bit, drill, pen or pencil, shop vac, and a tape measure. 

Drill bit

(Drill bit). 

How to Starlink Disable Motor

Now that we have the tools ready, let us jump into the DIY process of disabling a Starlink Motor.

Step One: Rebooting Starlink

The first step involves rebooting your Starlink satellite dish while simultaneously waiting a few seconds for it to point upward before unplugging it. 

Afterward, place the dish vertically to give you easy access in the future when drilling the holes. 

On removing it from the mount, you can place it on your workbench. Finally, ensure the bench is sturdy enough to handle the whole work process. 

Step Two: Cutting the Access Hole

Place the dish in an inverted position while on the bench. Using your pen or pencil, locate the area of the access hole.

For ease of estimation, drill a hole approximately five inches from the right side and bottom (side with indentation) of your dish at the intersection. 

Starlink dish

(Starlink dish)

A tape measure will come in handy in this step. You will also need a hole cutting equipment like a drill bit. 

Take care not to drill deeper into the dish to avoid permanent damage. A shop vac will be ideal for sucking up the loose debris you get when drilling.

Shop vac

(Shop vac)

Step Three: Unplugging the Motor Connector 

If you can see the motor connector now, you are on the right path. Please note the four blue and red wires control on one motor and black and white wires on the other.

Using the tweezers, disconnect the Starlink motor connector to turn off the motors. 

Another option is to connect a switch that’ll power up and shut down the modification at your convenience. 

If you use the switch method:

  • Find a double pole, single throw (DPST) switch, and connect it to the two motors. For instance, snip the black and white wires from the motor connector. Then, connect the black wire to one switch pole and the white one to the other pole.

Step Four: Sealing the Access Hole

We will need the rubber grommet and a sealant for this last step. You can find these in any local hardware store. 

Then, apply some sealant on the grommet while sealing the hole to prevent water from leaking into the dish. 



Manually aiming the dish. 

The only thing you should worry about at this point is getting your dish on a clear sky view, away from obstructions

The first, although not recommended, is physically forcing the dish to move. Sometimes, the enforced movement may destroy the internal electrical components, such as the motors and gears.

Therefore, you need extra caution when moving the dish to your desired angle.

Secondly, you can use your Starlink application, particularly the obstruction checker tool, to find an area with zero distractions.

Usually, the Starlink company will regulate the constellation of satellites your dish communicates within your environment. 


In summary, most issues when dealing with Starlink motor’s stuck notifications often involve repositioning your dish. 

You can do the process manually or use your Starlink app. 

In addition to the repositioning, you can work with the modification procedure in this guide.

 If it solves the problem on your end, we will be delighted to get your feedback. If it doesn’t, you can always contact the Starlink team for more guidance. Our website further gives more insight into Starlink. You might want to check it out and learn.