Starlink Degraded Service – Causes and How to Solve It

About Starlink Degraded Service: Like any other satellite internet, Starlink experiences network problems and unexpected speed drops at times. 

However, the most brutal is the popping up of the Starlink degraded service notification on the Starlink app. 

While this error is rare, encountering it can be frustrating, especially if you live in remote areas where internet options are limited. 

Fortunately, I have researched and compiled the causes and possible troubleshooting solutions to help you get online quickly.

What Causes Starlink’s Degraded Service Message?

Generally, the degraded service error happens due to an issue from the satellite rather than your kit and its configurations. 

When this error occurs, you get a message from Starlink stating that their team is investigating and will resolve it as soon as possible. 

According to my research, one of the main culprits of the occurrence of this error is Kessler syndrome

The phenomenon is Space Congestion, which occurs when the low earth orbit gets polluted by space debris accumulation. 

It prevents the Stalink dish from communicating with the satellite, causing latency increase, extended buffering, and slow speeds.

Other causes of the degraded service errors may include:

  • Extremely bad weather conditions, such as snow
  • Solar flares
  • Sudden climatic changes
Magnified space debris

Magnified space debris

How to Improve Starlink Service Degradation

Whatever the cause of your Starlink degraded service, the good news is that you can take the following measures to improve your internet:

Check if Starlink is Down

As we said earlier, Starlink service degradation is a rare occurrence, which means it can be a big national issue. 

Therefore, you should check social media sites to see if other users are venting about it. 

You can also check the Starlink and SpaceX social media handles to see if they know about it. 

Another way to know is to use downtime trackers such as to monitor Starlink downtime at a given time. Additionally, you may also contact Starlink customer care to get further information about the issue. 

After confirming the problem affects a big region, the only solution is to wait and check later. 

However, if the problem is isolated, I recommend you try the solutions below:

Checking internet performance

Checking internet performance

Power Cycle Starlink Router and Dish

The power cycle is a respected method for refreshing devices and solving issues in many electronics. 

Since the dish and the router are the main electronics in the Starlink setup, a power cycle can work wonders on them. 

The method reboots the systems, clearing bugs and accumulated charges, making the gadget more efficient.

 Try the following procedure to perform the power cycle technique on your Starlink router and dish:

  • While the setup is still powered, unplug it abruptly from the power outlet
  • For the round dish, you must unplug the router and then the dish from their respective power sources.
  • If you use the rectangular dish, you only need to unplug the router since the ethernet cable powers the dish.
  • Now let the devices sit unplugged for about a minute
  • After the wait, connect them to the power supply and power them
  • Wait for a reboot and check the app to see if the problem vanishes
Unplugging a power cable

Unplugging a power cable

Check for Starlink Dish Updates

As you may already know, any device update ensures technology progression, which solves former issues while upholding security. 

Luckily, the Starlink router updates automatically without anyone’s help. However, Starlink firmware updates are not always uniform in all regions. 

For this reason, if you experience an issue, you will have to check if you are up to date using the formula below:

  • Launch your Starlink app and go to Settings
  • Now select the Advanced option and scroll to locate the Starlink tile
  • If you suspect outdated firmware, you can force an update by using the power cycle method we discussed above.

Update Starlink App

Updating the app can also help mitigate the network or connection problems you face. After, apps also get congested with memory and bugs. 

You just need to visit the application store of the device you are using ( Apple or Google Play Store). 

Then, search the Starlink app and click it. If it is outdated, you will be given an option to update it. 

After you click the update link, you must wait for completion before rechecking the issue. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the app, but you must log in again. 

Updating software

Updating software

Reposition the Starlink Dish

One of the conditions for Starlink internet to work uninterruptedly is to ensure a clear sky view for the dish. 

The manufacturing company recommends a 100-degree clear sky view to enhance satellite communication. 

Therefore, if you notice any obstruction, I recommend moving the dish to a more open location. 

Additionally, ensure the dish is facing in the right direction, as Starlink advises. 

Remember you can also utilize the Starlink app to show you if the dish has a clear sky view using the method below:

  • Go to where your dish is or where you intend to mount it
  • Now open your Starlink app and select Obstructions
  • Tap Check for Obstructions and proceed to read the provided guidelines
  • Click I’m ready, follow the guidelines, and scan the sky as the instruction requires
  • Lastly, click the View results link and find your location obstruction status

Note that while the app is an asset in the obstruction matters, it can sometimes be unreliable due to inaccurate results.

The Starlink Dish

The Starlink Dish

Factory Reset Your Starlink Hardware

While a factory reset erases personal data and settings, the good news is that it also eliminates malware and bugs. 

Therefore, I recommend it as a last resort in solving your Starlink network issues. 

To factory reset the round dish, find the reset button at the bottom of the router.

 Now press and hold it until its LED indicator turns blue.

 You will then have to wait some minutes for the reset to complete before reconfiguring your router. 

If you use the rectangular dish, a factory reset involves power cycling the router three times consecutively. 

Here, you plug the router into the power source, wait for a few seconds, then unplug again. 

On the third time, let the router stay plugged in and wait for the LED to turn white (shows reset completion). 

You may now configure your network and check the issue.

Why Does Starlink Keep Disconnecting

The major causes for Starlink’s constant disconnection include:

  • Obstructed dish’s field of view
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Outdated firmware
  • Faulty cables or their connection


Now that you know the factors contributing to your Starlink internet slow downtime, I believe you can address them appropriately.

Ensure you use the troubleshooting tips we discussed to mitigate the problem. However, note that you can do little about the degraded service issue, and the solution is to wait.