Starlink Colorado – Coverage, Performance, and Costs

About Starlink Colorado: While the internet has become basic in this digital era, some states like Colorado have lagged due to their landscape. 

As you may already know, traditional ISPs target cities and other well-populated areas, neglecting the remote and rural areas. 

The good news is that Starlink came to bridge this connectivity gap by targeting mountains, deserts, forests, and other remote regions. 

Colorado, a state known for the above, has prompted me to discuss Starlink Colorado to help you make a wise connectivity decision.

Starlink Colorado Coverage

Being a satellite internet, you expect Starlink to have coverage in every inch of the State of Colorado. 

However, coverage does not always mean service availability since each satellite can only serve a specified number of people. 

Therefore, while many people can access it, some areas, such as Boulder and west of Denver, have a full capacity. 

Full capacity means people in these areas must be on a waitlist when ordering Starlink.

To know if the service is available in your location, I recommend using the Starlink availability map. 

Optionally, you can type your address on the Starlink search bar and check if the service is available in your region. 

Otherwise, we can only wait for more Colorado coverage as Starlink launches more satellites in space.

Internet coverage concept

Internet coverage concept

Speed of Starlink in Colorado

According to the Starlink website, you can expect blasting download speeds between 50 and 220 Mbps in Colorado. 

It also says that its upload speed should be between 10 to 25 Mbps and the latency about 20 to 50 ms. 

As you can see, this performance is way above traditional satellite ISPs like HughesNet and Viasat. 

But it is inferior to cable and fiber, although it triumphs over them in terms of coverage. 

It is also good to know that this speed may not always hold, and the average speed ranges below the advertised. 

The speed disparity you experience can result from network congestion, obstructions, and weather.

You should also know that you can opt for higher speed if you sign up for certain plans, such as the Starlink business. 

I know users who own such equipment, and they get enormous download speeds of 350 Mbps and 30 Mbps for uploads. 

Here, you can buy priority access data at different rates. I should mention that priority access data gives you prioritized speed even in congested hours. 

The good thing about the priority data is that you can still use the standard rate when you exhaust it.

Checking internet speed

Checking internet speed

Does Starlink Have an Advantage in Colorado?

From my research, the biggest advantage of Starlink in Colorado is the ability to enhance the State economically. 

Being a mountainous place, you expect traditional internet to bypass most of these areas. 

However, Starlink came to provide enormous speeds, enabling online gamers and other workers to make a living.

 Additionally, you can expect businesses and other institutions to boom now that they have an internet they can rely on.

Cost of Starlink in Colorado

While the ISP has been amazing for enormous speed, availability, and economic benefits, the biggest challenge is the price.

 Since it has the monopoly of being the most advanced internet service in remote regions, it comes at a steep price. 

For example, its standard residential plan is 90 – 120 per month. Apart from the monthly price, you must also pay a one-time equipment fee of $599 plus shipping costs. 

This residential price is the lowest, way above cable, 5G, and Fiber internet, with plans for about $50. 

Note that other plans, such as business and Aviation, have more expensive equipment and monthly rates. 

However, the good news is that Starlink does not have data caps or speed throttling compared to most other services. 

Again, recently, the company introduced the option to rent its equipment to make the service cheaper. 

Moreover, you can expect Starlink to get even cheaper as they launch more satellites and bring many users aboard.

Installing Starlink dish

Installing Starlink dish


According to my research, Starlink is fully available in Colorado as it seeks to make waves globally. 

However, you can expect some areas to have full capacity now that the service is popular for its performance. 

As a Starlink user, I recommend it for areas with inadequate traditional ISPs. 

But if you can access fiber or cable, I would advise you to go for those instead of Starlink due to their cheaper costs and blasting performances.