Starlink Account – How to Create It, Login, and Recover It When Necessary

Interestingly, you cannot have or use the Starlink network without a Starlink account. First, you must register to this account to order the Starlink kit or any accessory. 

You also need the account to contact customer care since they don’t have a dedicated email or a phone number. 

In addition, you will also have to log into your account to do some network management, including paying bills and resetting. 

Now that you know the account is vital, I will show you how to create, login, and recover it when necessary.

How to Create a Starlink Account

Before you can even think of creating the Starlink account, note that you cannot just create it for the sake of having it. 

You must use it by registering to one of its plans and ordering the Starlink kit. 

Visit the Starlink website.

In this step, you will require your phone or laptop and visit using your favorite browser. 

I recommend visiting the website using a laptop for better viewing and using the links there.

Choose Your Prefered Plan

Once on the Starlink website main page, you will be presented with either business or personal at the top right. 

Go ahead and choose the preferred one, plus the plan under it. E.g., roam, residential, or boats in case of personal Starlink.

Enter Your Address

Here, you must enter a valid residential address or a plus code. 

You can also enter your country or state name, and Starlink will present a drop-down menu option for addresses. 

Select your address from the menu and proceed to click Order Now.

Enter Your Details

After clicking order, another small window opens on the side, showing if Starlink is available in your area

The window also shows if/when your area is on the waitlist. You will then see options such as renting Starlink, buying standard or priority data or buying high-performance or standard kits

Select the options you prefer and proceed to enter your details. This information will include phone number, email, and updating precise shipping address. 

Review the price you will pay, including shipping and handling costs, and click Place Order.

Note that if your address is on the waitlist, you will still have to pay the required deposit of your preferred kit to create an account.

Setting up the Account

On clicking place order, Starlink sends an email with instructions on how to create an account. 

Therefore, go to your email inbox or spam box, locate, and open this email. 

At the bottom, you will find a link that you will use to create a password with the same email as the account username. 

Entering account details 

Entering account details 

How to Log into the Starlink Account

There comes a time when you need Starlink services, such as contacting customer care or accessing the Starlink shop

When this time comes, use the following procedure to log into your created account:

  • Visit the Starlink website using a browser on your computer
  • Once on the main page, locate the three lines at the top right corner and click them to access the menu
  • In the next step, click and Sign in to open a window in which you will enter your credentials
  • Now enter the registered email and the previously set password and proceed to sign in
  • When logged in, you can now manage your Starlink to your liking
  • Note that you can also log into the same account using the Starlink app available for smartphones
  • You just need to download it from your respective Play Store (Apple Store or Google Play Store)
  • Once installed, launch it and enter the credentials you set when ordering
  • With the app, you can also perform the same and other functions available on the Starlink website
Login window

Login window

How to Recover a Starlink Account

For some reason, you can forget your password, which means you can’t access the Stalink account. 

The good news is that you can use the simplified process below to reset your password and recover your account.

  • Like in all the above processes, you need to visit the Starlink website 
  • While on the dashboard, click the menu bars on the top corner like you would when Sign in
  • On the resulting window, you will get the Sign-in and a Forget Password link below it
  • You will need to click Forget password to access the recovery window
  • Now, enter the method you prefer for getting the recovery link
  • The chosen method should be either your registered email or phone number.
  • Now click the Request password reset option and wait for the password reset link plus a temporary password. 
  • Once you open this link, you will be prompted to enter the temporary password.
  • Upon entering the password, the website redirects you to the Members Area where you must change your password.
  • While here, click edit against the password or email to change them accordingly.
Password reset window

Password reset window


Now, you can create, login, and recover your Starlink account. Note that you will need this account for contacting customer care and managing your Starlink network. 

In addition, you will also need to download the Starlink app to make some of these account management tasks easier.