Starink Router Replacement: Best Starlink Router Alternatives

About Starlink Router Replacement. The Starlink router is a custom-made device that allows you to connect numerous devices to the ISP’s network. 

However, it may not always work optimally due to technical hitches or some manufacturers’ limitations. 

Fortunately, you can always replace it, albeit at a cost, as you’ll need to invest in another router. 

In today’s guide, we look at the various options when replacing the Starlink router and their upsides and downsides. 

Can You Replace The Starlink Router?

It is possible to replace the Starlink router as part of the primary Starlink components kit. There are two main options: 

  • Another Starlink router provided by Starlink
  • An aftermarket router with improved properties from the typical Starlink router. 

Starlink is one of the best internet services, especially for those in underserved areas. It has competitive speeds and relatively low latency compared to satellite internet providers like Viasat and HughesNet. 

However, the conventional Starlink router has some limitations that may compel you to replace it with an aftermarket one. 

For example, creating a private network within Starlink’s network is virtually impossible. 

Also, Starlink’s CGNAT IP allocation system means numerous users share an IP address

Further, it makes it impossible to create a private connection. The limitation makes it hard for online gaming with the internet. 

Starink Router Replacement: Starlink Router Replacement Options

Router Icons. 

Router Icons. 

As earlier highlighted, you have two options when replacing your Starlink router. Let’s explore them in detail below: 

Starink Router Replacement: Replacing the Router With another Starlink Router

A WiFI Network Diagram. 

A WiFI Network Diagram. 

If you don’t mind replacing the Starlink router with another one from the company, acquiring the one is easy. Here are the key steps:

  • Visit the official Starlink website and select ‘Support.’
  • Next, write your query in the resulting pop-up box. Here, you will indicate the issue or highlight why you’d like to replace the router. 
  • It would be best to add attachments, such as photos of the old router, to help explain the issue in more detail. 
  • Finally, click submit and await a response from Starlink. You’ll receive an acknowledgment from Starlink indicating they have received your request and are working on it. 
  • Next, Starlink will issue a response within three days of writing the replacement request.
  • Starlink Support will then email you the critical details of your replacement request, which includes a confirmation message. It also features the tracking number and an estimate of the wait time before the merchandise arrives. 
  • Starlink requires you to return the old/faulty router. That’s why they also include a return merchandise authorization (RMA) in their response. RMA is a label that you should attach to the package of the old router you’re returning to the company. 
  • Return the old router in a well-packaged box as you await the delivery of the new one. Once it arrives, install it and check if it has an improved performance from the old router. 

Starink Router Replacement: Replacing the Router with an Aftermarket Router

Aftermarket routers. 

Aftermarket routers. 

The second option is to install an aftermarket router. It’s a better option than Starlink’s conventional router, especially if you want to realize additional functionalities like IP sharing. Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Purchase an ethernet adapter from Starlink’s official store. You’ll need this component to include the aftermarket router in the setup. It links the dish and the aftermarket router by providing an ethernet port to plug in the latter. 
  • Power off Starlink’s router by switching off the power supply. Disconnect it from the setup. 
  • Attach the Starlink dish cable to the ethernet adapter. Next, connect the aftermarket cable to the other end of the adapter.
  • Once you’ve made the connection, attach the new router to a power source and allow it time to connect to the internet. 
  • At this point, you cannot yet connect other devices to the router as it’s not configured to use an aftermarket router. Therefore, you’ll need to visit Starlink’s App first and select the Bypass Mode from the settings. 
  • Next, on your web browser, visit the router’s configuration page to install your new settings. It is where you set up the username and the password. Also, set up the security features of the router so that it’s ready for use. 
  • Now, you can connect to WiFi via the new router. It allows more functionalities, such as port forwarding, than the conventional Starlink router. 

Starink Router Replacement: Best Aftermarket Router Alternatives to Starlink Router

A Starlink Dish Vector. 

A Starlink Dish Vector. 

Regarding aftermarket routers, what are some of the best brands/models to use instead of Starlink’s router? Check out the top options below: 

Best Pick: Asus Rog Rapture Router

It’s arguably the best router, especially for gaming applications, thanks to its extensive features. Among its standout properties are the following: 

  • It has WiFi 6 Support and thus an excellent upgrade on the conventional Starlink router limited to WiFi 5. 
  • The router is compatible with the Starlink system primarily because it has a 2.5 Gbps WAN. It allows connection to Starlink’s ethernet adapter, which is especially crucial in linking the router to Starlink’s dish. 
  • In addition, it has the bypass enabling option, and you can easily set it up via the steps we highlighted above. 
  • Also, it can broaden the bandwidth extensively to 11 Gbps. It also features 5 and 2.4 GHz bands, thus giving you options during connection. 
  • It has extensive features like the AiProtection Pro security suite, a built-in VPN server, and QoS. These properties are unavailable on the conventional Starlink router. 
  • Unlike the Starlink router, this Asus model has four ethernet ports. Hence, connecting a mesh system is pretty straightforward. 
  • It has a built-in firewall (unlike Starlink) that allows parental controls. Finally, it’s excellent for gaming thanks to its port-forwarding capacity. 

Best Value: TP-Link Smart Archer AX10

It’s a cheaply priced router but one with a range of excellent routers that makes its cost quite a bargain. Here are some of its key functions/properties. 

  • You can control it even when not close, thanks to its Alexa feature. Also, for a router of its price, it’s remarkable that it also sports features like MU-Mimo and Beamforming. 
  • It’s also an excellent upgrade on the Starlink router, given its WiFi-6 enabled, thus guaranteeing fast internet speeds. The network stability is also top-notch, thanks to 1024 QAM.
  • If you’ve been looking for a backward-compatible router that can work with previous 802.11 standards, look no further than this model. It also features parental controls, a built-in firewall, and standout security features. 
  • Setting it up is straightforward and allows you to create a mesh network that enables you to extend the WiFi reach. 

Best Reliability: NETGEAR Nighthawk AX5400 Router

If router reliability is at the top of your key considerations, then this Nighthawk model is a perfect fit for you. It comes with a load of excellent features that include the following: 

  • An excellent 5.4 Gbps bandwidth and dual 2.4 and 5 GHz bandwidths. 
  • Setting it up to bypass mode is pretty straightforward. It’s also easy to port forward, making it excellent for IP sharing-dependent activities. 
  • The router also comes with four ethernet ports (unlike Starlink, which has none), which is key in setting up connections. 
  • It is highly rated for its NetGear Orbi feature, which is designed to facilitate mesh networking. It ensures its WiFi can spread vastly, even to dead zones. 
  • It’s also a perfect fit for use during strained network capacity thanks to its QoS property. Again, with the router, you enjoy features of modern routers like improved security, parental controls, and an inbuilt VPN. 


You can do it anytime with a similar Starlink router or an aftermarket model. 

We’ve covered the replacement process in detail to ensure you can easily set up everything without professional help. 

Go ahead and launch your new router and enjoy excellent connections. If you want extra features, pick any of the above aftermarket routers.