Speed Test Starlink –  Causes of Slow Starlink Speed and Possible Troubleshooting Ideas

About Speed Test Starlink, Starlink promises crazy internet speeds of more than 220 Mbps, even in the remotest regions. But does it live up to this hype?

You can find out easily using speed testing your Starlink internet. 

Some advanced tools also tell you if your internet can use several devices or support high-quality content. Now, let’s talk about how to speed-test Starlink, why your internet is slow, and some troubleshooting tips.

How to Perform the Starlink Internet Speed Test

Before we discuss how to run a Starlink speed test, let me tell you how each parameter works. 

We start with the download speed, which determines how fast you can stream content from the internet.

 On the other hand, the upload speed tells you how much data you can send to the internet, for example, email attachments.

 Finally, the latency or the ping indicates the time between sending a request and receiving a response online. 

All these aspects work in tandem to improve your internet experience. 

Now, to check the performance of your internet, you just need to launch the Starlink app and click the speed test button. 

You must wait a few seconds for the result to calibrate and display.

Alternatively, you can use other free internet test tools available online. To do this, open your browser and type internet speed tester on the search bar. 

Now click the appropriate search result and follow the provided steps.

Internet speed representation 

Internet speed representation 

How Do You Read Starlink Internet Speed Testing Result Stats

Testing your internet speed using the Starlink app displays three vital colors. A blue, white, and green circles, and below is their interpretation:

Green Circle

The green circle displays the internet download and upload speed between your router and the device you are using, along with its ping.

Note that this data depends on factors such as your distance from the router, barriers, and interferences. Below the green circle, you will also get a graph that shows this performance fluctuation.

Blue Circle

It is the most essential result of the testing since it shows the speed your device receives from Starlink satellite.

 It also indicates the bandwidth that your device receives due to splitting the signal to various devices in your network. 

White Circle

It is the speed of the device you are using for the router. While unrelated to Starlink speed performance, it shows your device’s strength and capacity.

Starlink app

Starlink app

Reasons Why Your Starlink Speed is Slow

Now let’s talk about what could slow your internet.

Network Congestion

Sometimes Starlink internet experiences slow speeds where there is network congestion during peak hours. 

These are the duration everyone is home from work and using the internet. Generally, this happens in areas where Starlink is at full capacity, which overloads the servers. 

Bad Weather Conditions

As you know, extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall and storms may affect your Starlink performance. 

These conditions block the satellite signals from reaching your dish. 

WiFi Issues

Typically, most people connect to their Starlink internet wireless. While this may be more convenient than a wired connection, it may slow speeds, especially if distance and barriers are involved. 

Dish Obstructions

The Starlink dish requires a clear sky view to facilitate communication with the satellite constellation in the sky. 

Starlink recommends not less than a 100-degree  clear dish sky view. Therefore, any obstructions, such as buildings and tree branches to the dish will slow your internet speed. 

Hardware Issues

Devices such as routers, cables, the dish, or other Starlink accessories may also cause slow speeds when faulty. 

Additionally, wrong or incompatible configurations when using a third-party router can also result in the problem. 

Therefore, ensure you check you check your hardware for wear and tear issues. Then, ensure the correct settings on your router.

Starlink dish

Starlink dish

What Do You Do When Starlink Speed Test Not Working?

Occasionally, your Starlink app may fail to show the speed testing results or may process your request slowly. 

Such issues result from your app having bugs or your WiFi experiencing connection problems. 

When this happens, I recommend closing your Starlink app and launching it again. 

If doing so does not solve your issue, restart your WiFi and ensure it is properly connected to your device. 

Alternatively, you may use the Starlink website, dishy.starlink.com, to test your Internet speed.


Starlink speed test is vital in determining how to use your network and if SpaceX is honoring your bandwidth promise. 

When you test and experience slow speeds, you can eliminate obstructions and restart your router. 

You may also eliminate barriers and distance or use an ethernet connection instead of a WiFi.

 If all fails, check your hardware and contact Starlink customer care for a personalized solution.