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Starlink Chimney Mount – Achieving Better Connectivity in 2024

A Starlink dish mounted on a chimney on the roof

A Starlink Chimney Mount is one of the easiest ways of elevating your dish beyond the highest point of your roof. Furthermore, it requires only existing structures for installation rather than buying new components.  Also, you can adjust it when the signal reception is not good.  The reasons above explain why it is popular among …

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Starlink Best Effort vs. HughesNet – A Side-By-Side Comparison

Starlink Satellites.

Welcome to this Starlink Best Effort vs HughesNet guide to learn which service is better. We’ll cover the latest developments in Starlink’s Best Effort offering in detail. In addition, you will learn the benefits/downsides of Hughesnet over Best Effort. Let’s get started.  Starlink Best Effort vs HughesNet: Definition What is Starlink’s Best Effort?  Starlink’s best …

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Starlink Best Effort vs Viasat – A Comprehensive Comparison

Satellites for satellite internet

About Starlink Best Effort vs Viasat: Choosing the best internet when living in rural areas can be daunting since not many ISPs venture there.  However, recently, Starlink joined Viasta and other satellite ISPs to ensure a plethora of choices for remote area internet.  While both have a differing mode of operation, they offer reliability and …

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Starlink Ethernet not Working: Diagnostic and Resolution Measures.

A LAN network connection ethernet cable.

Is your Starlink ethernet not working? We’re here to help you sort the issue and enjoy uninterrupted internet access.  In this guide, we explore the tried and tested ways you can solve Starlink ethernet adapter issues in detail.  What is a Starlink Ethernet Adapter? It’s a component that allows a user to connect a device …

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How to Boost Starlink WiFi – Useful Tips and Tricks

A WiFi signal and a router

Are you struggling with a weak WiFi signal and want to know how to boost the Starlink WiFi signal in your house?  Luckily, I researched through the internet and found some WiFi-boosting tips that I will share with you.  But before I give you these tips in the article below, let’s first know the range …

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Starlink Short Mount — A Guide on Installation

A man mounting a residential dish on the roof

About Starlink Short Mount: Despite the standard base dish placement being sufficient for most users, some may prefer installing their dish on the roof. Reasons for choosing the latter may be the budget, roof angle/type, and obstructions in the residential area. In such cases, users buy mounts created for that purpose. There are several Starlink …

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Can You Travel With Starlink? – Let’s Find Out

An RV traveling with a satellite dish

So you want to relocate temporarily or permanently, wondering, Can You Travel With Starlink?  First, I understand you because few internet services can offer  Starlink’s performance and reliability.  Additionally, you would feel the pinch of leaving your subscription behind if traveling in the middle of a billing cycle.  Now, let me answer the question, Can …

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Starlink Residential Pause service: All the Details

Using the Internet at Home.

Learn all the crucial bits about Starlink residential pause service.  Take the case of Starlink users with a holiday home that they visit in rarity. There’s no point paying for Starlink internet for such a subscriber all year round.  Does it still make sense for them to stick to the  Starlink Residential package, or should …

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