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Best Router for Starlink Internet – With Easy Set up Procedure

Using a router

Best Router for Starlink Internet: While Starlink comes as a completely self-sufficient package, the included router may lack some modern capabilities.  For example, it does not have ethernet ports and lacks the fast WiFi6 technology, hence limiting some users.  You can use third-party routers with your Starlink internet and enjoy enhanced performance and other features.  …

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Best WiFi Extender for Starlink Internet

WiFi concept.

Which is the best WiFi extender for Starlink Internet? The primary reason you install WiFi is to access the internet from the comfort of your home.  However, the signal is sometimes weak in some areas, such as bedrooms and hallways.  It means you don’t get value for your money, as Starlink internet is pretty pricey.  …

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Starlink Update- All You Need To Know

Starlink app on a phone screen

Avout Starlink Update, After some testing and trials, Starlink has become the world’s most promising satellite internet provider. Connections span across all continents, and the feedback has been positive. But what drives Starlink’s growth is mainly based on its ever-improving firmware.  Starlink’s firmware changes every few times a year as the tech company fixes bugs …

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Starlink Internet Pros and Cons: Is It Worth Your Money?

Internet Starlink Satellite

About Starlink Internet Pros and Cons: Initially, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) had difficulty providing high-speed internet.  Even worse, they made less effort to combat the situation.  In the process, Starlink, through SpaceX, came to be.  Over the past few years, the company has offered efficient Internet services and is undoubtedly taking the Internet world by …

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Viasat vs. Starlink: Is Starlink Better than Viasat?

A Starlink Satellite in Space.

Are you stuck when trying to choose Viasat vs. Starlink? Worry not; we’ll help you compare the two superb satellite internet services. Often, the main point when picking ISPs is their internet speeds, latency, and availability.  We’ll cover all these aspects while comparing and contrasting the services in detail below.  Viasat vs. Starlink: Definition Starlink …

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Best Ethernet Switch for Starlink – With Factors to Consider

Ethernet switch

About Best Ethernet Switch for Starlink: Since Starlink routers can only connect with devices wirelessly, there is always a big challenge when you need a wired connection.  Fortunately, Starlink has developed an accessory known as an ethernet adapter, which you can use for wired connections.  However, this device offers only one port, which is insufficient …

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Starlink vs. Fiber – Which One Should You Choose?

Fiber internet

About Starlink vs. Fiber, Starlink should be on the top of the list when considering internet performance and availability, especially in the remotest areas.  On the other hand, when you want low latency and fast internet for video gaming, fiber is a reasonable consideration.  While both internet services have varying modes of operation and performance, …

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Starlink Port Forwarding – How to Overcome IPv4 and CGNAT Restrictions in 2023

Internet Starlink Satellite

About Starlink Port Forwarding: Starlink is a revolutionary internet-providing company with global users, including those in remote areas.  Sadly, it comes with limitations, such as the inability to support port forwarding, even though the shortfall is for security reasons. Fortunately for you, this article explains various solutions that bypass port forwarding and bypassed CGNAT. What …

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Starlink vs. HughesNet: Which is Better for Home and Business?

Satellites in Low-Earth orbit

Starlink Vs. HughesNet is shaping up to be a big rivalry after HughesNet reportedly lost 234k customers to Starlink in 2022.  Starlink is one of HughesNet’s major competitors in satellite internet provision. Both share almost 1.5 million subscribers and geological coverage. However, Starlink beats HughesNet in physical satellite numbers (5000+ vs. 3), speed, and latency …

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