Mount Starlink on RV- 15 Methods to Install Starlink on RV

Would you like to know how to mount Starlink on RV? Rivers are increasingly embracing Starlink Internet thanks to its exquisite features. 

The connection speeds, latency, and availability, even in remote locations, make Starlink an ace among other Rving internet options. 

But mounting the dish on the RV is quite a problem. How do you pick out the best spot for your Starlink? Let us explore the best way to mount Starlink RV.   

Where is the Best Place for an RV Starlink Mount?

Ideally, any spot is ideal if your Dishy has a clear sky view above it. 

You can even place it on the floor next to your RV, although a higher point means a better connection. 

Often, people install Starlink Dish on the RV roof or a pole mounted on the vehicle’s upper part. 

Also important is to ensure you mount the dish in a manner that is easy to disassemble when you want to change location. 

Options for RV mount for Starlink

A young man browses while in an RV. 

A young man browses while in an RV. 

Below are some options to explore when mounting a Starlink Dish on your RV

Use Starlink’s Provided Starlink 4-legged Dish Stand

A man next to a Starlink Dish. 

A man next to a Starlink Dish. 

Among the components of the Starlinks package is a 4-legged dish stand for mounting Dishy on the ground. 

It comes freely available as part of the $599 package, so you don’t have to dig further into your pockets to have it. 

It’s one of the best ways to mount the Starlink dish, as you only need to lay it on the ground while facing north. 

Most importantly, ensure a clear sky view above the layout to enable communication with overhead satellites. 

Its advantages? 

  • You don’t need additional accessories to install it. 
  • Also, the setup saves you from the hecticness of climbing up your RV for installation. You, therefore, don’t even need a ladder as you’ll assemble everything on the ground. 
  • You have more flexibility in terms of where to place your Dishy. If the connection is poor in one location, you simply move it seamlessly to a new place. 

But there are also downsides to using it, such as the risk of theft. 

  • A Dishy placed on the ground is readily accessible to thieves and burglars. 
  • Also, rodents can chew the wire, prompting you to spend on other cables. It will lead to an additional cost and a disruption of service. 
  • Finally, if there are obstruents like trees in the vicinity, your Dishy will not receive optimal signal. 

The above limitations mean that while this option is the cheapest and easiest to execute, mounting the Starlink dish above is better. 

Mount Your Starlink Dish On Your RV Ladder

A Starlink Satellite Dish. 

A Starlink Satellite Dish. 

Below are easy ways to mount your Starlink on RV, albeit in the short term, as you’ll have to disassemble it when changing locations. 

Tubing Mount/Starlink RV Ladder

An installer is setting up a Starlink Dish. 

An installer is setting up a Starlink Dish. 

It is a straightforward method of installing Starlink Dish on the RV, and it should be at the top of your options. 

Why? It is easy to set up and also comes cheaply. 

All you need to set it up is to connect the tubing mount to the RV ladder. 

Next, connect the Starlink dish on the top part of the mount. 

Can you drive with this setup in place? Yes, but you must remove the dish. 

You can leave the tubing mount in place even when driving and install the dish when you arrive at your destination. 

‘Pyramid LED Whips’ Starlink RV Ladder Mount System

It ranks among the best Starlink installation options on your RV that’s easy to install. 

Also, setting it up doesn’t require sophisticated tools, so that you can do it quickly. Go for this mount system if you are looking for a sturdy option. 

Disassembling it is also straightforward. Simply remove the Dishy installed above and the pole whenever you change locations. 

You can leave the mount on the vehicle for future dish installation. 

‘Flag Pole Buddy’ Starlink Mount

A Starlink Antenna. 

A Starlink Antenna. 

It matches the above mount in all respects, but this one features double poles. 

The advantage of this modification is that it eases the mounting process, as you don’t even require a ladder. 

Moreover, the mount stands strong even in the face of wind, so it’s sturdier than the mount above. 

Hitched 4 Fun Starlink RV Hitch Mount Kit

It is a unique mounting system that connects to the hitch receiver. It also comprises a towering pole that rises above your RV roof, thus ensuring a clear sky view. 

You will connect the Starlink dish on the top end of the mount. 

When is the ideal time to use this mount over other options? Anytime is okay, but it is preferable for RVers who don’t have built-in RV ladders. 

Starlink Pipe Adapter

A Starlink pipe adapter is a primary Dishy installation accessory that allows you to use conventional poles for mounting. 

For instance, you can use the typical Telescoping Flag Pole for Starlink mounting. 

However, it is primarily reserved for mounting flags, so you need to modify it to make it fit for Dishy mount. 

The Starlink Pipe Adapter is handy in this modification by perfectly connecting on the pole while providing a platform to connect Dishy.  

DIY Flagpole Starlink RV Mounts

Browsing in an RV. 

Browsing in an RV. 

If you find the above options hard to come by, don’t fret, as there are equally useful DIY options you can use. Let’s explore them below. 

DIY Ladder Mount

A custom ladder mount will effectively do the job when installing Starlink on your RV. 

Most importantly, couple it with the Starlink flagpole adapter (available from Starlink stores) for a sturdy connection. 

And that’s all. In quick steps, you can set up your Starlink RV mount. 

Suction Cup Flagpole Mount

It’s an antenna pole mount with clamps by TechnoRV. It also allows you to install the pole on the ground for a sturdy connection, even in windy conditions. 

Most importantly, it would be best if you placed it on a flat ground surface. 

Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder

It is not a truly DIY option, as you will have to buy a readymade flagpole from online stores. However, it is easily customizable, allowing you to modify your pole’s length. 

It is incredible as you can set up to the ideal height with the best signal reception. 

Harbor Freight Flagpole

Check out Harbor Freight stores for this flagpole that presents an easy way to mount your Starlink Dish. 

It works for Starlink mounts when there’s a pipe adapter. So, purchase the adapter from the Starlink Store (accessible from your account)  to use together with the pole.  

Speaker Stand

A speaker stand. 

It sounds like the most unconventional Starlink Mount, but it is hugely effective for the role. A speaker stand is cheap, and you can buy it even from your local store. How about the setup process? 

It is straightforward: simply place it on the RV roof and install the Dishy at the top. 

You can also place it on solid ground, and it’s a significant upgrade on Starlink’s 4-legged Dish Stand. 

With the speaker stand mount, the dish is pretty elevated and thus doesn’t come into contact with the loose ground below. 

Its downside? It’s short compared to the pole options, but placing it atop the RV solves this shortcoming. 

Starlink Dish Roof Mounting 

Do you fancy having your Starlink dish as high as possible, towering above the RV roof? Look no further than the roof mounting options below. 

Pivot Mount With Magnet Mounting Bracket

Mount Crab Cramp. 

Mount Crab Cramp. 

As per its name, the Starlink Pivot mount comes with magnet accessories that you lay onto the RV roof. 

You need to attach Dishy to the pivot mount first. Next, lay the magnet links to the RV roof and place the mount onto the platform. 

Note that while this setup is pretty sturdy, it doesn’t guarantee the pivot mount will remain in position while driving. Hence, uninstall it when you are driving. 

Included Tripod and Weights

A Photography tripod stand. 

A Photography tripod stand. 

It mimics the speaker’s stand mounting method as a tripod is essentially a three-foot stand that holds Starlink’s Dish. 

The setup is best placed atop the RV’s roof to ensure it towers above obstructions at the camper’s height. 

Its downside? The tripod stand can scratch the RV’s roof, so be careful when laying it. 

Closet Channel Mounting Brackets

Finally, you can use the closet channel mounting brackets option in tandem with wing bolts and nuts.

 It is also a temporary mounting option, so you must disassemble the setup when moving your RV. 

Can You Mount Starlink on an RV Permanently?

A Camping Truck in Motion. 

A Camping Truck in Motion. 

Not because Starlink rotates to find the best position aligned with the above satellites. 

When you mount the Starlink dish permanently, you will affect the dish’s functionalities. 

The Starlink Dish will be impaired in its quest to locate the overhead satellites when moving. 

The dish is also prone to breaking, especially when you’re driving at fast speeds.

 Nonetheless, some people opt to mount it permanently to avoid the hassle of installing and uninstalling it now and then. 

They, however, turn off the motor to ensure the dish remains flat and doesn’t self-align. 


So pick the one that best suits your application and access the internet from wherever you’re camped. 

We wish you the best camping experience flooded with great memories and, above all, seamless Starlink-powered browsing.