How to Buy and Sell Used Starlink – Comprehensive Steps

How to Buy and Sell Used Starlink? Since its inception in 2019, Starlink has provided reliable high-speed internet, especially in the remotest regions. 

For this reason, it has gained popularity as one of the leading satellite internet service providers globally.  

While many buy Starlink hardware, others want to sell theirs for one reason or another. In this short guide, I will show you how to buy and sell used Starlink anywhere.

Can You Sell Starlink Your Starlink Equipment?

Yes, you can easily sell your Starlink equipment to anyone you want. According to the Starlink website, you get full ownership of the equipment once it is delivered.

However, your account must have a good history and paid in full. Secondly, your and your buyer’s addresses must have Starlink network coverage.

Finally, Starlink must approve the sale of your equipment.

Starlink dish and router

Starlink dish and router

How to Sell and Transfer Starlink Kit

Before selling or transferring your Starlink equipment, ensure it is the best effort connection service, residential, business, or RV. Starlink does not allow the sale or transfer of its maritime or aviation equipment.

Now, if your kit is in the above category, follow the steps below to sell it safely:

Check Your Account Status

As we said earlier, your account must be current with no pending balance. Additionally, you must have no additional unshipped orders before selling.

Look for a Buyer

To get a suitable buyer for your Starlink Kit, set a considerable price you wish to recoup. 

Then, take quality photos of your equipment and post the details on eBay, Facebook marketplace, or other selling sites.

Record Your Kit Identifiers

Once you get a suitable buyer, write down your hardware’s unique identity. 

It is information that your buyer will need to register their ownership of the equipment and activate the dish. 

The identifiers include Device ID and Terminal ID for the router and Dish serial number. For the serial number, you will have to check the sticker at the bottom of your dish mast. 

However, for device ID and Terminal ID, you need to check online using the following processes.

Process for Checking the Device ID

  • Visit the Starlink website using a browser on your laptop
  • Login into your Starlink account using your credentials
  • Once on the portal, visit Your Starlink and select Manage
  • Scroll down to Devices to see the current status of your device
  • Once here, you will see the title STARLINK, where your Device ID is inscribed in KIT300400345.
  • Write this number down to provide to the buyer.
  • Alternatively, you can get the Device ID inscribed on the shipping box if you still have it.
Starlink portal in a phone

Starlink portal in a phone

Process for Checking Terminal ID

  • First, make sure your Stalink is online
  • Ensure your phone or tablet is connected to your Starlink WiFi and open the app.
  • Click Settings and go to Advanced.
  • Check under the router tab to see the Terminal ID inscribed as Router-01000000-00000000-002b64cb, and note it down.

Cancel Your Starlink Service

Now, you can cancel your service safely to transfer it to your buyer. However, note that transfer at any point through a subscription does not warrant any refund. 

If you are sure to cancel your subscription, follow the procedure below:

  • Use your credentials to log into the Starlink portal via your laptop
  • Scroll to Your Starlink section and select Manage
  • Select the reason for your cancellation in the dropdown menu
  • Now untick the box. I would like to return my hardware. On the pop-up screen
  • Finally, select Confirm to initiate the canceling process, and you are done

Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket on the Starlink website or app, informing them you want to sell your kit. 

Ensure you provide the details of your customer, such as the address and the email. 

Starlink will confirm if the service is available to the buyer’s location before approving the sale.

Initiate Transfer

If you choose the support ticket format, the Starlink customer will send a form that you can fill out to initiate the transfer. 

The information included are details of the seller, such as account and billing information. You will also include the buyer’s email for an account setup.

 Then Starlink will cancel your service automatically upon expiry. 

However, if you choose the canceling option on the website, you must initiate the transfer using the same. 

  • Visit the portal and log in using your details
  • Select Manage on the hardware you seek to sell
  • Then select Transfer and accept the terms and conditions
  • Now select Confirm to remove the kit permanently from your account. After hitting confirm, your service ceases instantly, losing any remaining subscription days.

Factory Reset Your Hardware

You will want to factory reset your kit to wipe all your data and previous connections to make it new.

 If you are using the circular dish, locate the factory reset button at the bottom of your router. 

Then press and hold this button for a few seconds until the indicator light starts blinking blue. 

For the rectangular dish, perform a power cycle six consecutive times on the router to factory reset it. 

It involves plugging and unplugging your router from the power six times consecutively, with an interval of 3 seconds in each cycle.

Router factory reset

Router factory reset

Ship Your Star Kit

Once you are done factory resetting, it’s time to hand over the kit to your customer. 

Pack all the devices in their original package or another protective box to prevent destruction during shipping.

 Additionally, give your customers the information you recorded above to help them register and activate their kit.

Can You Buy a Used Starlink Dish?

The simple answer is Yes, you can buy a used Starlink dish. However, the buyer must complete the abovementioned process, and the kit must not be aviation or maritime. 

While you can buy the Starlink dish, note that you can’t use it if your area is on the waitlist.

How to Buy and Activate Starlink Kit

First, check the Starlink coverage map to ensure the service is available in your area and is not at full capacity. Then, use the following process to buy and activate it:

  • Ensure you are getting the whole kit, including a tripod, cable, dish, and router – all in good condition.
  • Once you receive the device, get its serial number and identifiers for registration and activation.

Starlink Activation Steps

  • Visit the Starlink website using your laptop
  • Locate the Service Address tab, input your address, and click Order Now.
  • On the resulting page, choose your Starlink plan based on your kit.
  • Check the ‘I already have my Starlink’ box when Starlink prompts you to choose the hardware you want.
  • Now, input your device ID when Starlink asks for it.
  • After they identify your kit, they will ask you for details such as name and billing address.
  • Insert these details, and you are done registering the secondhand Starlink hardware.

How to Fix the Invalid Device ID Error

If you face an Invalid device ID error, first ensure you input the correct terminal ID or Dish serial number.

 If they are correct and the error persists, ensure you raise a support ticket to customer care explaining the error. 

They will ask for a photo of the serial and then help you solve the issue.

Does the Warranty Get Void After the Transfer of Hardware?

No, selling or buying a used kit does not void the Starlink warrant. 

The company states that its warranty is from the manufacturing date and remains intact even after third-party transfer.

What Should Be the Average Price of Used Starlink

Since a new Starlink hardware costs $599, a used kit price should be below this price. 

However, it can also be expensive depending on added Starlink accessories such as mesh nodes and WiFi extenders. 

In my opinion, I recommend buying the original kit for no more than $450, depending on age and condition.

Can I Cancel/Reverse a Starlink Transfer?

No, you can’t cancel/ reverse a Starlink kit transfer once the process is complete. You cannot use that kit again even if the buyer fails to buy it- you can only find another buyer.

Can I transfer a Starlink Kit To/From a Different Country?

Generally, it’s not possible to transfer Starlink kits to/from different countries due to geographical restrictions. You should buy a kit from your country to activate it.


While buying and selling Starlink hardware seems tricky, the company has made it seamless. 

For starters, you only pay a one-time equipment fee, and the kit becomes yours to use as you please. 

Additionally, they have provided easy steps on their website to initiate the transfer.