How can I contact Starlink customer service?

How can I contact Starlink customer service? If you have been looking for a means of reaching out to Starlink but in vain, we’ve got you covered. 

Starlink has defined itself as a company that grants you the autonomy to do everything. 

You can self-install the kit independently and fix most errors through their app without involving its agents. 

But at times, you may find a reason to reach out to the company. This detailed guide lists the avenues you can use during such a time. 

How To Contact Starlink Support?

Starlink has no live chat, call line, or even a kit installation agent you can engage when enquiring about something. 

Many customers have been left frustrated because of this, but there are still ways to reach the company. Let’s see them in detail. 

Contact Starlink Via the App

Visiting the Troubleshooting section helps you create a query on the Starlink app. 

Visiting the Troubleshooting section helps you create a query on the Starlink app. 

Starlink app is the one-stop shop that allows you to control everything about the internet service. 

It also has a troubleshooting feature listing commonly asked queries and their solutions. 

Therefore, whenever you have a problem, check if it has been addressed in the ‘Troubleshooting’ section. 

Most common queries are available here, and you may not need to contact an agent as you’ll find a solution. 

However, if you don’t find the resolution satisfactory, you can still seek further help by clicking the thumbs-down sign

It opens a window where you can write about your problem and even attach photos. You’ll be assigned a service ticket by Starlink customer support. 

Next, wait for Starlink to respond to the query, usually through an app notification. 

Their response is prompt sometimes, though it may take weeks, depending on the ticket position. 

Create a Support Ticket Online

Click the thumbs-down sign to create a ticket. 

Click the thumbs-down sign to create a ticket. 

Starlink also has an online portal through which you can submit your query. It works like the mobile app, only that you post the question on a web platform this time. 

Thus, it is the ideal alternative if you don’t have your mobile device or cannot access the app. 

There are two main ways of creating a support ticket through this method. 

  • First, you can visit a web browser while on Starlink Internet. It will open up a page with the Starlink online portal whereby you create a support ticket with your query.
  • If browsing on another internet or the above method doesn’t open the portal, you can manually key in the IP addresses. Search for or on your computer browser. 

Like the case of the app, you’ll start by visiting the troubleshooting section and find if there’s a satisfactory response to your query. If not, click the thumbs-down button, and you’ll be directed to a page where you write down the question. 

After submitting the customer support ticket, wait for Starlink to respond. 

You must keep tabs on the incoming notifications/messages on the web page/app. It is the channel Starlink uses to respond. 

Try Emailing SpaceX

Write an email to SpaceX. 

Write an email to SpaceX. 

If none of the three options above yield fruit, there’s the third method. It involves emailing Starlink’s parent company, SpaceX

The communication company has an efficient system through which Starlink customers can reach out. 

Write an email detailing your issue and attach photos to help SpaceX understand your case better. Next, email it to [email protected]

Also important to include are your Starlink account details and contact information. 

You can boost your chances of getting a response by inputting a ‘Customer Complaint’ subject line. 

However, note that this emailing method is not guaranteed a response. Many customers have had their queries ignored forever. 

How to Check On The Status Of A Ticket?

Checking Ticket status on Phone. 

Checking Ticket status on Phone. 

If Starlink takes ages to respond, you can check the ticket status from the mobile app or web page. 

  • First, log in to your account and select ‘Support.
  • If you’re using the app, select the mail icon on the uppermost right-hand side area of the page. It’ll display all the tickets, both current and the previous ones. 
  • For web browser users, you can find this info on the ‘All Messages’ button on the left side of the page. 

Note that it is still possible to input additional information to the ticket. Beware of the harm of creating a new ticket for the same issue raised earlier. The company will close the new ticket, and you’ll not get the assistance you wanted. 

Therefore, the rule of thumb is always to input the additional info on the already launched ticket if referring to the same issue. 

I Am Getting An Error When Submitting A Ticket

Error messages are, in most cases, only common with preorder customers. The issue means you cannot submit tickets if you’re on pre-order. 

So, what’s the way out for customers who want to raise queries? Simply use the SpaceX complaints email option we discussed above. 

My Ticket Keeps Getting Automatically Closed

You’re probably launching a duplicate ticket. 

It means you are trying to trick the system into responding to your query by raising the same issue you did in your pending ticket. 

Starlink automatically closes such tickets. 

The solution is inputting the additional information on the primary ticket. 

Is There a Starlink Customer Helpline Number?

Starlink has no helpline number. 

Starlink has no helpline number. 

There’s no Starlink customer helpline number, so don’t call any number you come across online claiming to be the company’s contact. 

But how about 1-855-753-2495? Usually, this is the number you come across many blogs claiming to be Starlink’s internet service helpline. 

However, this is the Subaru Starlink helpline and doesn’t apply to Starlink internet customers. 

So, you can only contact this number if you’re seeking Subaru Starlink assistance. 

Otherwise, the three methods we highlighted earlier are the only reliable options to contact Starlink for internet services help. 

I Am Not A Customer, How Do I Contact Starlink?

Only registered customers can contact Starlink via online ticket. 

Only registered customers can contact Starlink via online ticket. 

If you’re not a Starlink customer, the online ticket option doesn’t apply to you. Why? 

Because Starlink requires all customers to be logged in first so that they can contact the company, you can use the email option above. 


Contacting Starlink has always been challenging as the company needs more conventional communication avenues synonymous with other firms.

 But if you still need to reach the company, there are three main ways, as highlighted in the article.