Circular vs Rectangular Starlink- Why you need Rectangular Starlink

About Circular vs Rectangular Starlink, Starlink has always been improving its services, and among its latest developments is the rectangular dish.

It comes with new features such as better signal reception and improved portability. 

This guide will give a take on the circular vs rectangular Starlink debate.  

Circular vs Rectangular Starlink: Why Rectangular Is Better

Let’s dive into why the rectangular dish is always better than the conventional circular model. 

Smaller and Lighter

Among the most outstanding features of the new dish is its lightweight property. Mounting it is also now a breeze with the small and lightweight design. 

Moreover, the design makes it a perfect fit for the windy and stormy conditions as it is streamlined. Contrary to the belief that the design affects its quality, the material is even better and more durable.

Clearer Signal and Reception

A Rectangular Antenna Set on the Ground. 

A Rectangular Antenna Set on the Ground. 

You’re assured of an excellent signal with the rectangular dish than with the circular one.

The recommended angle for setting up the Starlink dish is 35 degrees. The rectangular dish makes achieving this condition a breeze as it’s already preset to 30 degrees. 

Moreover, it is optimized to switch the positioning when the satellite location changes. It is key to obtaining the best signal.

The new dish also has a better frequency range and dual polarity, features that are fundamental in signal reception. 

Better Speeds

Fast Internet Speeds. 

Fast Internet Speeds. 

The dish comes with the 3×3 MIMO feature, which guarantees it can communicate in three simultaneous data streams. It is key in guaranteeing excellent internet speeds. Also central to the improved transmission is the improved antenna gain, thus better communication. 

Improved Weather Resistance

Another standout feature is the IP56 rating, meaning the dish will remain sturdy in dusty and heavy rain conditions. In contrast, the old-school circular dish has an IP54 rating. It means it can only withstand light showers and dust. 

The improved rating of the rectangular dish makes it a perfect fit for all weather conditions. 

Low Power Consumption and Convenience

A Rectangular Starlink Dish. 

A Rectangular Starlink Dish. 

Starlink rectangular dish package includes a detachable power cable, which guarantees convenience. The power-over-ethernet (POE) cable of the rectangular dish also makes it easy to fix if it develops issues. 

On the contrary, it is pricey to replace a circular dish cable as you must install a new antenna if the cable is damaged. Also, if you’re looking for a dish built for snow and high temperatures, look no further than the rectangular model. 

More Installation Options

Starlink is built for use even in remote locations, so having a dish with various installation options matters. The Starlink rectangular dish takes care of that, ensuring it can fit in all fixtures. 

Circular vs Rectangular Starlink: Rectangular’s only drawback

An ethernet cable is plugged into a computer ethernet port. 

An ethernet cable is plugged into a computer ethernet port. 

For all the benefits of the rectangular Starlink dish, there’s one glaring downside- It lacks an ethernet port. Hence, you cannot connect an ethernet cable to deliver internet to areas not served by your router in the house. 

Bypassing CGNAT is also only possible with the ethernet port. Moreover, you cannot connect mesh nodes to the router to improve the WiFi signal reach. 

This issue is a headache, especially for gamers who prefer to use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet. 

Is it worth upgrading to Rectangular Starlink?

It is worth switching to a Starlink Rectangular Dish. 

It is worth switching to a Starlink Rectangular Dish. 

If you want to reap the benefits we’ve covered above, then it makes sense to switch to a rectangular Starlink.

 But one apparent drawback is the relatively high fee for the rectangular dish. 

For instance, users on the Starlink Business package will have to part with $2500 for a new kit. 

The cost is lower for Starlink residential owners as you only need $499 for new equipment. 

The bottom line is that these costs are worth the gamble. 


Are you considering making the switch to the upgraded Starlink rectangular dish? 

It would be best to have the new equipment, especially in a stormy area, as it can withstand all the weather. 

It may feel like a lot of cost, especially if you’re running on a lean budget, but it is all worth the price.