Business Starlink – Everything You Need to Know About Starlink Internet Business Plan

About Business Starlink , Due to super speed, low latency, and reliability, we can all agree Starlink revolutionized the satellite internet industry. 

Moreover, the service became a savior in remote regions where other internet offerings are limited or nonexistent. 

To reach as many people as possible, the ISP even included several internet plans such as roam, residential, and business. 

In today’s review, we will discuss the business Starlink plan performance and cost to help you decide if it’s for you.

What is Starlink Business

Business Starlink is one of the satellite internet plans spaceX offers, others being RV Starlink, residential, maritime, and aviation. 

As its name says, the Starlink business plan is for enterprises and other commercial-related usages. 

Unlike the roam and the residential plan, business Starlink comes with priority data access and 24/7 prioritized customer support. 

In addition, you get admin-grade controls and the capability to serve many devices without lags. 

These admin controls also ensure routable IPV4 addresses, which helps set up VPN and routing traffic to specific devices.

 What’s more, you get unlimited location service, which helps you use your device wherever you want.

What Accessories Do You Get In the Starlink Business Kit?

Once your Starlink business kit arrives at your doorstep, expect the following accessories:

High-Performance Dish

The dish is rectangular electronic, which you set in an elevated position to facilitate communication between the satellites and your router. 

It is similar to the one provided in the residential plan but is a bit bigger and heavier. 

It also features advanced features to improve performance compared to the residential plan dish.

 For example, it uses phased array antenna technology, which enhances speed and reduces latency. 

It is also durable and robust to withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperatures and winds. 

Additionally, it’s IP56-rated to resist dust and water jets from all directions. 

Moreover, it has a better snow-melting capability and self-orientation feature, enhancing satellite communication.

Starlink dish vector

High-Performance Dish Base

The base gives the dish the required elevation. It also facilitates self-installation while ensuring the dish can self-orient as necessary. Below are the base dimensions:

  • Face: 56cm x 56cm
  • Legs: 12.2cm

Power Supply

As you may already know, the power supply is a device that powers the router. It is IP56-rated to withstand water and comes with a dedicated grounding terminal. 

It can withstand high and low temperatures and weighs only 1.5 Kg. In addition, it has a power specification of 100-240 V, 4.5A, and 50-60 Hz.

Starlink Router

The router is responsible for receiving signals from the antennae via an ethernet cable and distributing them to your devices. 

Typical, SpaceX utilizes UTR 211 routers regardless of the internet plan. 

This Starlink router is a trapezoidal device that weighs just a kilogram and is strong enough to withstand -30 to 50 degrees Celsius.

 It uses the WiFi5 technology standards, dual-band frequency, and 3×3 MIMO support

What I like about the router is that it can connect to 128 devices and support 12 mesh nodes. 

Moreover, the device has a range of about 185 M square and features a robust WPA2 security system.

A modern router

A modern router

Connection Cables

You can expect the following cables once you open the box:

  • 6 ft router AC cable
  • 6 ft power supply AC cable
  • 6.5 ft router cable
  • 16.5 ft ethernet cable
  • 82ft Starlink cable

Note that the dish does not connect to a power source. Instead, it gets its power from the router through the PoE Starlink cable.

An ethernet cable

An ethernet cable

Business Starlink Plan: Applicable People

Generally, Starlink internet plans, including the business, serve the people in rural and remote regions where other services don’t reach. 

When the Starlink business plan started, it was meant for big businesses with more than 20 employees. 

This notion was mainly due to the single steep monthly price of $500. 

However, while the Starlink business kit price remained the same, the company devised lower-tie plans. 

This arrangement now ensures small, medium and even startups can use the Starlink internet.

Starlink Business Plan Performance


While speeds are almost the same, you can expect Starlink business one to triumph over other plans. 

For example, the business plan download speeds are 100 to 350 Mbps, while those of residential plans are 50 to 200 Mbps. 

However, the two plans have equal upload speeds of 10 to 25 Mbps. 

Note that this is the advertised speed, but the one you experience may depend on weather and location.

 Additionally, the business plan’s speed is never deprioritized, which means you get constant speeds even if there is network congestion.

Internet speed

Internet speed


As you may have gathered, latency is the delay between sending a request from your device and receiving it from a remote server. 

Latency must be as low as possible, especially if your business involves video conferencing and VoIP

With that said, the latency of most Starlink internet plans is between 20 to 50 ms, which can handle video calling without lags. 

This latency is way above other traditional satellite companies, which have over 600 ms on average. 

However, like speed, the Starlink latency you receive is subject to weather and other factors.

Data Caps

When the business plan started, there were no data caps. You could just pay $500 monthly and enjoy unlimited data without any worries. 

However, recently, the company introduced various priority data caps depending on your requirements. 

These data caps are 40GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 6 TB. While this may seem bad, it aimed to ensure any business can afford Starlink data plans.

If you exhaust the priority data, you can still access the standard data, which can be slow during network congestion.

Business Starlink Installation

The good thing about the Stalink internet is that it has a base and a detailed and illustrated manual for a straightforward installation. 

You just need to use the Starlink app and find a suitable place for your installation.

 Ensure the location you find is away from obstruction for a clear sky view, as Starlink directs in the manual. Note that the dish requires self-installation unless you need a specialized mount, in which case you can hire a professional. 

After installation, you just need to give your setup time to reboot and configure using the app. 

Finally, you can connect your devices using the credentials you established during configuration.

Installing Starlink

Installing Starlink

Starlink Business Price

Recently, Starlink changed how you can acquire their business hardware. 

When the service started, you could only buy at $2500 and then pay the monthly charges. But now, you can rent at $100 per month plus a one-time $200 activation fee. 

Note that these prices are for the Flat High-Performance dish, but you can also buy the Starndard one for $599. 

After buying or renting the kit, you must also buy your priority monthly data plan. 

The 40GB goes for $140, 1TB for $250, and 2TB for $500. Depending on your location, you will also pay shipping and handling fees plus the taxes.

How to Buy a Starlink Business Plan

Like buying any Starlink internet plan, obtaining the business plan is straightforward. You must visit the Starlink website and select Business in the upper right. 

Then, enter your address on the Service Address bar and click Order Now.

 If the service is in your location, you will be redirected to a page where you can input your information.

 These details include your name, address, and email, whether you want to rent or buy, plus your preferred priority data plan. 

Once you are done, click Place Order and wait for it to ship.


Now you know all the information you need about business Starlink internet plan. The service is mainly for business, but you can order other plans like RV Starlink or Maritime Starlink.