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Starlink Internet Antenna — An All-Inclusive Guideline for 2024

A Starlink satellite dish

About Starlink Internet Antenna: Generally,  when purchasing a Starlink kit, you’ll most likely get cables, a router, and an antenna.  All these components have key functions in the Starlink system, but for today, we’ll solely focus on the antenna/dish/terminal. A Starlink dish is equipment that changes data to internet signals after receiving it from the …

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HomeFi vs Starlink: A Detailed Comparison

Wi-Fi Device.

Welcome to this comprehensive comparison between HomeFi vs Starlink. By the end of the article, you should know how HomeFi works. Also, we’ll educate you to help you decipher if Starlink is a better alternative to it.  We’ll help you make an informed choice of the ideal ISP by the end of this detailed guide.  …

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Starlink Navigation vs Google Maps – A Detailed Side-by-Side Comparison

Using a navigation system in a car

About Starlink Navigation vs Google Maps: While most of you are familiar with Google Maps, are you aware that Starlink also features an option for navigation?  For now, Google Maps is one of the most accurate navigation systems, but Starlink is not far behind.  After all, it uses a constellation of small satellites and has …

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Service Address Starlink: Changing Your Starlink Service Address

Address Icon.

About Service Address Starlink. Starlink is available in multiple places and allows you to shift your access location, unlike other broadband Internet services.  Our guide today will detail how you can change your service address. It will also highlight the service address-changing process.  What Is My Service Address? In layman’s terms, your service address is …

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Globalstar vs Starlink – A Detailed Comparison

About Globalstar vs Starlink,First, as a rural dweller, you need satellite or wireless internet now that cable is mostly in cities.

About Globalstar vs Starlink: First, as a rural dweller, you need satellite or wireless internet now that cable is mostly in cities.  Secondly, the two are rivals regarding satellite internet, and you need to know which one suits your needs most.  To clarify, let’s start our comparison by making a detailed comparison of Globalstar vs …

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How to Remove Devices From Starlink – Steps to Eliminate Unknown Connection From Your Network

An illustration of connected devices

How to Remove Devices From Starlink: Apart from fast and reliable internet, another amazing aspect of the Starlink network is the ability to connect several devices.  For example, you can connect smart TVs, phones, smartwatches, laptops, cameras, doorbells, and other internet devices in your household.  However, given that Starlink allocates a certain amount of bandwidth …

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Starlink Replacement Dish – How to Replace Your Starlink Dish

A Rectangular Dish.

A Starlink replacement dish is necessary for anyone at some point. But setting it up requires some tact to ensure it’s up and working with your existing infrastructure. Welcome to our stepwise explanation of how to remove your faulty Starlink Dish and replace it with a better version. Here’s everything you should know. When Do …

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Flat High-Performance Starlink-  What Is It, Is it Worth Buying?

A photo of Starlink antenna on the ground

Flat High-Performance Starlink: As you may already know, Starlink internet plans come with accessories like dishes, cables, and routers.  You might not know that some of these plans allow you to choose the type of dish you want. As per the company, two dish/antenna models exist.  These are the standard or the old model, and …

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Starlink RV Vs. Best Effort- Which One Is Better?

Telecommunication satellite

About Starlink RV Vs. Best Effort Recently, we have seen a peculiar rise in satellite technology, particularly in the residential market.  Like most ISPs, Starlink divided its plans into Starlink Residential, Roaming, Maritime, and Best Effort.  Starlink’s Best Effort service has caused the most controversy out of the different plans offered, and that’s exactly what …

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